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Spy App For Android: 7 Best Options

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‘Best spy app for Android’- a simple search will lead you to the immense number of websites with innumerable solutions, and you will realize that this is one of the hottest topics of the world without any doubt.

A good spy app for Android is one of the most sought-after things nowadays. Moreover, spy apps that work discreetly are the most favored ones. Parents want to know what their kids are up to. Spouses try to keep an eye on their better half if he/she suddenly starts acting sneaky! Bosses want to keep an eye on employees.

Why is a spy app for Android essential?

The new generation spends almost the entire day online. As a parent, you might get concerned about their safety. Chatting on skype, WhatsApp messenger, Facebook messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, Viber, and other countless messaging apps can often lead to perils.spy app for android

Moreover, sharing photos with strangers can cause unwanted troubles. Often kids fall prey to online bullying. There is a way to stop all with just one click!

A good spy app for Android lets the parents know about their location, online activities, the things they watch online as well as their messages! Features like GEO-fencing, URL monitoring, GPS monitoring, keylogging, call recording, and others make it easy for parents to take care of their kids.

If you find someone suspicious and don’t want your kid talking with that stranger- Android spy APK will allow you to do that. You can even make sure your kid is not watching anything inappropriate online!

Such a spy app for Android is also often used by employers. Such spy apps help you prevent data leakage, detect slackers, track your employee’s unlawful deeds, and much more. This can indirectly boost and upgrade the overall performance and result of a team.

Often we see boyfriends or girlfriends and even married people trying to know about what their partner is up to. For all these various reasons, a spy app for Android is quite essential!

Is it even legal?

Let us have a look at the legal considerations before stating the best spy app for Android. You can use such an app for legit purposes like employee monitoring and parental control. But I’d still recommend consulting with your kids before spying on time. Not everything has to be about being legal, sometimes consent matters more!

As for employee monitoring, your hiring document should include this particular clause. Moreover, you should get legal help before taking such a step.

As for people in a relationship, if you are going to install an app on their phone, it is not legal and is breaching federal laws. Please do consult someone before doing so.

Spy App for Android: Top 7 Options

1. KidsGuard Pro

An awesome undetectable spy app for Android, KidsGuard Pro is something that parents have been using all around the world for the last two to three years. It can record everything that is happening on your child’s phone and upload that on an online panel which means you can access it from any device any time.

Its incredible stealth mode makes it almost a 98% undetectable. The installation process is quick and hassle-free and stays hidden on its own when downloaded. This tracking app tracks all the text messages, social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and others on the monitored device.

You can even get a hold of all those private chat and media that have been exchanged. It tracks the location of your kid and lets you know if they are safe or not. You can even check out the browser history! spy app for android

The minor cons are this app does not provide any free version and you can only monitor one device after buying a license.

2. FreeAndroidSpy

If you want your spy app to remain undetectable in the target phone, then FreeAndroidSpy is a must-try for you. Accessible in both cell phones and tablets, it provides contact monitoring. By this feature, you can see through your child’s text messages.

Its monitoring software is immensely effective and lets you know about the location as well as provides access to media files. Initially, it is a free Android spy app. But this free trial is limited. To enjoy every feature, you have to opt for a paid version, but the charges are negligible.

Tracking of GPS Location, access to photos and media files, and even 100% invisibility- What else do you even need from a spy app for Android?

3. XNSpy

Do you need a spy app without rooting? XNSpy is exclusively for you then! It is up to you if you want to jailbreak the target phone. But the app is more efficient with rooting.

It includes features like IM Chat Tracking, SMS Recording, Social media apps like Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, KIK- everything can be tracked. Other than that, GPS tracking, as well as internet history tracking, is available via this app.

If you think your child is getting mixed with some bad company, then you can always set alerts. This app will send you a notification when your child is communicating with the said person.

Apart from a GEO Centric feature, it can track any and every social media app. There is just one con with this spy app for Android- it does not have a free trial!

4. Spyic

The advanced stealth technology implanted in the Spyic app makes it hard for the owner of the target phone even to detect the app. The icon of the app gets deleted immediately after the app installs.

It executes the task in an extremely discreet manner and uses an almost negligible space of 2 MB. It is also easy to use and install and takes about 5 minutes for installation.

Web browsers, URL Tracking, Text messages, Social media apps, and every other app can be tracked. This is a fantastic spy app for Android. You can even see what your kid is talking about, with whom he/she is connecting daily in Telegram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and other apps.

It also has an option where you can track one or more devices. You can do so from an online browser. The website also provides you with a demo. But there are some minor cons- it does not have a feature that records the surrounding,s and the app is not available in all languages!

5. Cocospy

A well-known spy app for Android, Cocospy is similar to Spyic. Like Spyic, this app also uses stealth technology to maintain its undetectability feature. It does not use up a lot of battery and uses less space too.spy app for android

The keylogger function of Cocospy helps you get access to an email account. The design of Cocospy is straightforward to use. Apart from an email account, you can even track various social media apps and can even track locations.

You can even have access to call logs and browser history via this app. Please check out the official website of Cocospy for further details.

6. SpyHuman

SpyHuman is an all-in-one spy app for Android. Call recording, SMS recording, call restriction, call logs, media tracking, blocking, WhatsApp, and Facebook monitoring are just some of the few features included in its premium plans.

You can even track locations, and the app can monitor various websites used in the target phone as well as record the surroundings. In this way, you get to know if your child is safe and sound. You also have access to the WiFi of the target phone, and you can turn it on or off according to your will. spy app for android

There is a free trial at the beginning for seven days, but after that, the rate for a premium plan is $9.99, which is quite affordable if you consider another spy app for Android.

7. SpyBubble

This spy app for Android provides in-detail information about everything. Keeping an eye on media files, email accounts, photos, and web history has never been so easy!

Its online control panel enables you to track all activities from the target phone. The app is also undetectable, so there nothing to worry about in that field as well. You can easily install and use this app, but one thing you have to make sure is that the software of this app supports your android phone or not.

The app is cost-effective, too, and starts at only 20 dollars a month and has some handy features. Not only social media tracking, but you can also access your child’s call logs, location, and can even track which route they are taking.

These were some of the most convenient spying apps for an Android device. The several monitoring features and GPS tracking will make it easy for you to get the desired results!

What are your views about installing a spy app for Android? Are you against the idea that parents should have control over their children’s phone? Is it even okay to install a spy app on your partner’s phone based on some vague doubts? Let us know if you like or hate the idea down in the comment section below!

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