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Top 10 Strange Facts About Famous People

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This is a dedicated list of strange facts about famous people.

Every one of us is obsessed with celebrities or famous people. Some of us have favorite actors. Some have favorite musicians/singers; some have favorite sports players, some have favorite activists/politicians, and many more.

We already read and search for interesting facts about celebrities over the internet.

Today, let us see some weird and strange facts about famous people or celebrities as we call them. Some of these can be considered pretty unusual and bizarre and come as a surprise.

Top 10 Strange Facts About Famous People:

  1. Harry, Styles Four Nipples:

    Okay, we are sorry for the pun, but we just couldn’t resist. “It is a thing,” quoted Harry Styles, in an interview with Chelsea Handler, clearing the rumors over his strange and rare condition.

    The condition is called Polythelia, and the psuedomamma, the scientific term for it, can appear as far as on foot. In Harry’s case, they are present just below his natural (real) nipples.

    There was even an older interview in which he was joked about it saying, “I must have been a twin, but the other one went away and left its nipples behind.” There were also rumors that he was going to remove them surgically, but as of now, there is no substantial evidence that he has.

    He was seen flashing them in a music video. This is one of the strange facts about famous people like Harry.

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  2. Leighton Meester, Born When Her Parents Were in Prison:

    Leighton, who is notable for her role as Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl, the famous American teen drama, has also appeared in movies like The Roommate, Monte Carlo, The Judge, and more.

    One of the strange facts about famous people like Leighton is, she was born to Constance Lynn, in 1986, at a hospital in Fort Worth, Texas. But, her mother and father were at the time serving a sentence in federal prison for smuggling marijuana from Jamaica to the USA.

    Contrary to popular belief and news, Leighton was not born in prison, but a hospital, and she was nursed for the first three months in a safe house by her mother. After that, her mother had to complete her sentence, and she was raised in the remaining period by her paternal grandparents.

    “It made me realize that you can’t judge anyone—especially your parents—for what they’ve done in their past because people change.”, she was quoted as saying.

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  3. The Many Strange Facts About Tom Hanks:

    Tom Hanks is a personality, one can never get tired of talking about. There are so many strange facts about famous people like Tom Hanks that we will get tired.

    He characterized himself as a bible-toting evangelical for several years during his teenage years. Before marrying his second wife, Rita Wilson, Hanks converted to Greek Orthodox Christianity. Rita is of Greek Bulgarian descent and a member of Greek Orthodox Chruch.

    Hanks portrayed Fred Rogers in the movie ‘A beautiful day in the neighborhood’, who was an American TV personality and Presbyterian Minister during the ’50s and ’60s. Through, he found that he and Fred Rogers were sixth cousins, both descendants of Johannes Meffert.

    He is even a vintage typewriter enthusiast, with a collection of over a 100 typewriters. “The feeling of typing on a typewriter is better than anything,” he says.

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  4. Katy Perry, Read if You Are a KatyCat:

    The term KatyCat is referred to as the fans of Katy Perry. Many strange facts about famous people like Katy Perry are available through the internet. Let’s go through some of them.

    Right now, Katy Perry has a net worth in excess of 120 million dollars. Strangely though, her family had struggled to even provide for food when she was little. They had to depend on food stamps.

    Her parents were very religious, and her mother very superstitious. Growing up, Perry and her siblings were not allowed to eat the cereal Lucky Charms, because her mother equated the word luck with “Lucifer”. Also, they had to call “deviled-eggs” as “angeled-eggs”.

    She was also only allowed to listen to gospel music and secretly listened to popular music CDs. Another strange fact about Katy is that she likes to collect celebrity hair, and she has hair locks of Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift.

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  5. “Say My Name…” “Heisenberg” “You’re Goddamn Right!”:

    That’s correct. We are talking about Bryan Cranston, the brilliant actor who set up such high bars for acting in Breaking Bad, very few will catch up to him. There are some strange facts about famous people like Bryan, which we will talk about.

    When Cranston was 12, he, along with his 9-year-old cousin, went for horse riding at Spahn Ranch, in 1968. Yes, the same ranch where the dreaded cult leader and psychopath Charlie Manson lived, along with his crew.

    The two, Cranston and his cousin, came briefly close to Manson, who was drugged out. A year later, they saw Manson on the TV, being linked to the Tate-Labianca murders, and their jaws dropped. “I was scared and horrified,” quoted Cranston.

    Cranston was also once a suspect in a murder case of a chef, where he had worked for some time and left at the same time the chef was found dead. Luckily, he was able to prove his innocence.

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  6. Can You Keep Up With the Kardashians?

    There are always so many stories and controversies that are constantly popping up in the media related to the Kardashian and Jenner families.

    If you are an ardent follower of their history, or just keeping up with the news. Pun intended. You know how good the relation of OJ Simpson was with Robert Kardashian. In one of the strange facts about famous people, this takes the cake.

    Robert Kardashian was the defense attorney for OJ Simpson. OJ Simpson murdered his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman at her residence.

    Nicole was the best friend of Kris Jenner, who was the ex-wife of Robert Kardashian at that time. Also, Kendall Jenner’s middle name is Nicole after Nicole Simpson. When Nicole was murdered, Kris was pregnant with Kendall. Really twisty, right?

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  7. The 27 Club:

    One of the strange facts about famous people is the weirdness of the 27 Club. If you are an avid music follower, then you have definitely heard about the 27 Club.

    It is a list of many musicians, artists, and actors who died between the age of 27-28. There are as many as 73 inclusions on the list. But, some of the most prominent people were Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Brian Jones, Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, etc.

    Many of them died due to natural causes. But, a good number of them died in a strange pattern that was noted, due to alcohol, drug-related overdose, automobile accidents, suicide, or murder.

    This has been one of the strangest mysteries of the music world that people still wonder about.

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  8. Sherlock Holmes, Okay Benedict Cumberbatch:

    Benedict Cumberbatch is a brilliant actor who has produced critical acclaim as Sherlock Holmes in the TV show Sherlock.

    Some of the strange facts about famous people like Benedict are, he is a very distant relative of King Richard III, a third cousin, 16 times removed. He has portrayed the character in “The Hollow Crown”.

    In 2005, he, along with his two friends, was abducted in South Africa. Eventually, the abductors set him free, Benedict and his friends were listening to “How to disappear completely” by Radiohead, before the incident.

    Following this, whenever the song comes up, he says, it reminds him of reality, a reason for hope and makes him want to live a life less ordinary.

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  9. Kesha Is the Strangest:

    Everyone has known Kesha to be strange, weird, but a very talented singer. One of the strange facts about famous people like Kesha is, she claimed on the Conan O’Brien show that she had sex with a ghost.

    She also said she once sneaked into Prince’s house, the legendary American musician, to plant her music tape. When seen by him, she claimed she shat her pants and ran away from there.

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  10. Elvis:

    Elvis Presley, also popularly known as “The King of Rock and Roll” or simply “The King”, had garnered legacy and fame like no artist ever. He lived a short life, but his life was highlighted with creating signature dance moves, memorable songs, and controversy.

    Some strange facts about famous people like Elvis never go undetected. Elvis had an identical twin brother, delivered just 35 minutes before him, but he was stillborn, he was named Jesse Garon Presley. Elvis believed him to be his spiritual guide and his “original bodyguard”.

    For his 11th birthday, Elvis received his first guitar. He was a little disappointed and hoped it was a bicycle or a rifle. Elvis’ only daughter, Lisa, was once married to Michael Jackson. This was an unusual union for the King of Pop and King of Rock and Roll.

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There are so many more strange facts about famous people that we can talk about on and on, but here are the top 10 ones that our readers will surely love.  Are there any more unknown facts about celebrities mentioned in this list? If you have, list them in the comments!


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