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A Tale of Love

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Tejaswini Deshpande
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A tale of love #1:


imagesThe evening was gloomy and she thought it was going to rain, not normal but the sad rains. Rains, she thought, differ from fresh and cheery to the gloomy ones. It pours outside and all you want to do is curl on the bed with a warm blanket. So these sad rains, they made her memory lane to go into turbulence. The good part which she enjoyed and the bad part which brought tears to her eyes, she experienced them both.

She remembered that day, when he told her he loved her, the day when he announced that he wanted to expand his career in the army, the happy days when she received his letters and the lifeless ones when there was no contact. Then there came the day she dreaded the most, the day of that brought her immense pain and the day she thought he left her. But even to this day, the memory of that day brought tears to her eyes.

A soft beeping of the microwave brought her out of her tour on the memory lane. The tea had been kept to warm in the microwave as she saw the rains descend to the ground and disappear in its womb. She took out the tea and placed it on the tray beside the small breakfast she had prepared. She smiled to herself as she picked up the tray and on cue the doorbell rung. She rushed to it and threw the door open only to fly into the arms of the man in front of her.

“Guess you missed me more than usual” he said chuckling.

“Yeah” she pulled herself from his arms and stared at his state. Water droplets dropping from his clothes and hair all drenched, his face wet and hair sticking out in numerous directions. She let him in and shut the door.

ydu-heart-570x200She made her way to the kitchen and brought the tray of snack to the living room. Her memory lane took a U-turn and she thought back to the day she had gotten the news. There were people around her house and she only noticed when he was leaving for work that afternoon. There was a doorbell and she opened the door to a couple of army people. She felt fear engulf her being. She thought he’d left him and that’s when within minutes a long stretcher was pulled and on top of it laid a lifeless body, lifeless body of her husband – or so she thought. She felt tears brim her eye sight and she thought that was the end of it but in a second the doors to a car opened and came into view her husband- who she thought was lying lifeless on the floor on the stretcher. She didn’t understand, there is a body on the floor but she saw her husband step out of a car. She, in one swift motion pulled the blanket from the body and saw a sight that scarred her for life. She sat down on the floor, unmoving.

In minutes he came and plopped down on the couch beside her and placed his head on her shoulder. He started scarfing down the food and sipping his tea every now and then.

“You miss him don’t you?” he asked

“I do” she said.

There lay the body on the stretcher, unmoving and lifeless and it was none other than her best friend.

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Writer's are magician's, conjuring the entire worlds from blank papers

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