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Virtual vs Real Life:The Big Differences.

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Virtual vs Real Life

Is the person peeping out of the profile picture column with a big smile on facebook the same as the person looking back at it? Online friends are the same as offline friends these days. Technology and social media have such a huge impact on society as a whole that we don’t know the difference between real and virtual life anymore. Let’s read up on Virtual vs Real Life: The Big Differences

Virtual life works on a sufficiently greased engine, as a result of which, it always seems brighter and smooth in comparison to the real-life which goes on without much planning and mostly unexpectedly which results in a lot of hiccups and breaks along the way.

The Unattainable Benchmark – Virtual vs Real Life

How different are people online and offline? This is a question that does not has a definite answer. Social media is a platform people use to connect with the entire world, a very technologically developed and fancy platform.

It sets a benchmark for the standard of living,  forcing people worldwide to get obsesses with the picture-perfect life, anything below which makes a person feel how pathetically miserable life they are leading. Matching up to the benchmark created by social media is neither practical nor feasible.

It gives out a representation of a perfect, fairytale life that does not exist, and the benchmark forces the majority to try and try to match up with the non-existent reality. The virtual life or the life represented by social media is mostly shiny, striking and without the cruel realities life, whereas the reality is very much dissimilar.

Real-life is stressful, demanding, and real. As a matter of fact, these harsh realities of the real-life is what makes a person so drawn towards the easiness of the virtual life.

Online-Offline; Two Distinct Personalities – Virtual vs Real Life

Virtual vs Real Life:The Big Differences. 1

On social media we only sees what the person wants to show us. People create a brand, a tag for themselves using social media, The tags and brands which might or might not be true. For instance, there can be a serial killer updating bible verses on Facebook, and making the rest of the world to tag his a follower of peace and sprituality.

So it is safe to assume that the real life and virtual life personalities are two very distinct personalities of the same person.

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