Teen Suicide – Is It the Ultimate Solution ?


You were the person with so much zeal,
With desires burning on fire,
To put on the best attire.
To be the hot headlines among peer,
Seeing your goals just so clear.
You were the person with so much zeal

Is this not the way how you stepped into your teenage when you could go running to your mom and tell her that you are at least a teen, you are not supposed to be called a child anymore.Having so much of enthusiasm and hopes inside, what are the factors then which make a lively teen go beyond his thoughts and think of committing a sin of killing himself/herself.Yes, you just read it right. I termed suicide as a “sin” because that is what we call when god’s creation is hampered in any way.

Definitely, “adolescence” is the struggling phase of a person who just crossed childhood and a “will be an adult”.Anxiety, excitement, emotions, hormonal rush and much more comes with the advent of teenage.The phase of life where you tend to take everything to a new level of expression.Keeping up balance is definitely not easy but not coping up with one’s life doesn’t mean ending it.

On Nov 1st’2015, Kota, a medical aspirant girl hanged herself to death in a hostel.As soon as the police were informed, media trailed in too.The hostel people and family members were reportedly told that she was under lots of academic pressure which ultimately made her take the fatal step.Many other rumours aired in with her death.She left a suicide note stating, “I am sorry mummy papa, I should not do this, but I am left with no choice”.

Is a sorry enough to fill the void in a parents’ heart?Nobody is capable enough to replace this pain with anything else in the world.
They held your little fingers because they wanted you to catch all the beauty you could,
They taught you to walk because they wanted you to explore the wide vistas of the world.
Had they been knowing your hands will be used to gulp the unwanted, And,
Your legs being numb with no life to sustain.
It would be better if they were never daunted, because, for lifetime
You gave them treachery with the most unbearable pain.

Our country shares 17% of the total’s world population in term of suicides.After motor accidents, suicide is the second reason of death in Australia among people aged 15-25.Being it a psychiatric disorder, relationship problem, finance, academic pressure or anything else; suicide is never a solution and it never will be.It’s true that during a delicate age we become victims of hopelessness and depression but there are a number of ways to deal with it.It is not just a devastating experience for a family but friends also.Parents, neighbours and friends keep wondering if they could have done something to save the person.However, learning more about what might lead to a suicide can help prevent further tragedies.

First of all, a death due to suicide is not a one-night thing.A suicider’s mind is pre-occupied with such very thoughts since long.Generally, adults and even friends think that teens who often talk about dying are just doing it for the sake of attention but many a times they seriously mean it and ignorance will make them cultivate more of negativity.Such children must be handled with care.A depressed or society withdrawn person must not be isolated at any cost.If their depression can’t is sorted out through conversations and depression then there is no harm going through counselling sessions.

Anyone reading this who has lost hope for life, believe me, there is more to life than your present situations and a lot more in the sky to look for.Undoubtfully, teenage is a stage of stress but tell me which age is not then? Does not our parents have much more things to worry about and look after? If they were to give up so soon, we were never be living a carefree life which we intended to.Life is not just a gift, it’s a blessing wrapped with a love of family and friends.Why reject god’s blessing?The best is yet to come if you are losing hope because it is after a heavy rain that a rainbow appears and so is the yawning of dawn after a dark night.Happiness is relished the most after going through moments of sadness.So, it’s all that is the part of the same journey “Life”- A beautiful journey with no ultimate destination to come so soon.


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