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The Best Way to Sell a Broken Car

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          Want to sell your trash car? No problem. There are many ways how to get rid of your garbage-looking car. They are very easy, so it will not take you much of efforts to sell your car out. Thousand, hundred or whatever dollars for your junk car will leave only memories about this stuff. So if you are ready to keep only positive emotions in mind instead of your iron horse, let’s get started to review the possible ways how to do it:

The Best Way to Sell a Broken Car 11. Sell it the way it is.         

 This is one of the easiest ways to sell your car. If only it, at least, looked okay. However, even if it does not, still you can post an advertisement on Craigslist and wait for a number of enthusiasts to call you. We recommend stating about any drawbacks regarding your car because if you do not, sometimes it may end up in clients getting mad and asking you to repair it in the aftermath.

2. Sell it part by part.
        This is one more possible way to get rid of your car that does not run easily. Separate all the elements and parts of the car and sell them. For example, if your wing mirrors, battery, CD radio unit, center console, lights, lenses, wheels, seats, and tires are in normal condition, why not to sell them and get bucks for them?

3. Take it to the local junkyard and sell.
         If your car is too bad, do not worry. There are junkyards, which can buy it even if it is in a very horrible state. They make money by selling the parts of such cars. You can earn, at least, some cash by selling them your car. Hence, you will feel great because you will get some moral compensation having a couple of hundreds of bucks, more or less depending on the state of your car.

4. Sell scrap metal.
         Selling your car for scrap can be a good way out. Especially, if your car is very big, can you imagine how much metal can be taken out of it? This method is the best to sell your car for scrap as a whole if your car is really dead and the parts of it are seriously damaged. In comparison with a junkyard, if you sell your car for scrap, you will have to take care of the transportation yourself.

5. Use online sites to sell your car.
         There are many websites that offer to buy your car. For example, such sites as “Peddle”,​,  and “We buy any car” really provide a good service. You might not get a significant amount of cash, but at least, you will get rid of your trash car.

6. Donate your car.
        By doing that, you will not get cash directly on your account, however, it might result in taxes deduction when you decide to buy a new car. Despite the fact that it is a time-consuming operation, still, you may have some profit out of a deal.

7. Repair your car.
       If you spend some money to replace broken parts or repair them yourself, you will discover that you can make some extra cash when selling your repaired car. Do not worry whether there will be clients ready to buy your car. Everything can be sold if only advertised properly. Also, we recommend making sure your car is clean and looks good.
      We wish you have a big deal and make money. Have a fruitful day!    

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