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The Corset Chick

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For so many years, I have witnessed and witnessed many women wearing Black steampunk corset. I like this look. But for me to wear it to myself, I never thought about it. Because I don’t know which type my body type belongs to. For this reason, I have participated in online surveys and read the guides, but the effect is not great… no mold is suitable for me.

I think it’s because I am a little inverted triangle, but my shoulders are not very wide…so I still don’t know. My bust is small, which is why I never thought about it. I simply thought that it would only linger on my chest. But when giving me a chance to review the top of my bustier, I will say to myself… Why not?
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I received a corset with pink stripes for $22. This is not what I want most, but I can’t choose the one I want. If I have actually went to the site to choose, I may have put on a solid black corset that I like, because on a special day, I want to wear a sexy corset dress, and My husband went to the restaurant for a date and so on.

When I first put on a corset, I spent about 10 or 15 minutes. I had to loosen the ribbons (shoelaces) behind because I didn’t feel comfortable, but they were too loose and began to fall off. Later I found a zipper on the side of it. Oh. Now I can sum up what you really need to do is to loosen the ribbon and then tighten the bodice on your body. Tightening the ribbon is the last step. If someone helps, it will be easier to tighten, but I still think you need to do more, and the more you do, the better.

In fact, there are two sets of shoelaces in the back. Start one at the bottom and the other at the top. This will give me more room to adjust, and make better adjustments for my thick waist and small chest. When tightened at the top, the bodice can become tight enough to allow the gap around the chest to disappear. very perfect!
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I am very satisfied with the quality of this corset. I expected that a bodice of less than $20 might not achieve this effect, but it did. As I said before, it has a zipper on the side while strapping at the back. The length of the corset itself is about 14 1/2″ long (just a reference value, I am 5’10”). The bra cup is supported by a steel ring and the entire bodice contains 12 lightweight steel bones that can be used to shape it. In addition, it also has a matching partner – black thong.

I want a corset, which can be worn in public, and feels very comfortable. Finally, I cut off the bow. I used black corset bodysuit (tight jeans and a black knit cardigan) to match the corset. But for dating nights, it may be a bit more. Do you have any opinion? Any reasonable advice from you is fine, as long as you can lower it a bit!

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