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The Earth of Addiction

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Hey there this is Harshit, I am an Engineer by profession, writer by heart, dreamer by thoughts and philanthropist by nature.

You think you have a total control on your body!!!
Think Again
Think; Let me tell you to think few things to think that you don’t think about thinking every day.
We Are All Addicts


The reason I called us all an Addict is because we are, think about it. Whatever people do in this world is all because they can’t get enough of it.A Billionaire wants to make another billion, for them the addiction is money.

A beggar will always beg as he is addicted to free 3support; to which you may argue that no they are not addicted to begging it’s just the circumstances that made them beg. Tell you what, you are completely WRONG. such percentage is very less as the individuals who feel they can earn whatever be the condition, would always find ways to support themselves. Well there’s no need to argue on this point because you can Google this ;-). For druggies it’s the love of high, for singers it’s the charm of music, for writers it’s the thrill of expressing what they feel like and one of the best addiction of all – LOVE which is the addiction of emotions. Lovers have always tended to express in the best of the form as for poets like Lord Byron who expressed the beauty of a lady in such a manner that the lines still resonate among the minds of people:

                                         “She walks in beauty, like the night
                                         Of cloudless climes and starry skies”

The addiction comes in all forms and there are peoples who have always over done it. The thing about addiction is that either Addiction is the best of servants, or the worst of masters. The shining example could be seen as dictators like Hitler whose addiction for war had caused nothing but pain and suffering for the whole earth, especially to the Jew community who especially suffered from the war crimes that was inflicted on them. In ordinary life we are addicted to our routines and become really sad if something tries to disrupt it.
Well till now you saw how various addictions are affecting us, the thing to observe here is an opportunity, and as said by John Burroughs “The lure of the distant and the difficult is deceptive. The great opportunity is where you are” You don’t have to find a sign that say’s here take this opportunity.

If you want a sign, here it is, DO IT NOW.tumblr_liv0r28zmq1qbufzgo1_500The addiction of daily routines should not bring you down. While you may know about the HERD mentalities so why not use it to your advantage, BREAK FREE, MAN. In whatever field you want to succeed just make sure you would always break the common addiction related to it and soon you will find yourself at the zenith of perfection.

Not only humans the whole natural order is addicted to follow a certain rule and thus it’s rudimentary for us too to become habituated with the concept of addiction. No one can escape from it but you can certainly upgrade to better type of addiction like upgrading to addiction for social cause or even better science. There are few common addictions that we develop in course of life like having a tea in the morning or reading newspaper, these are not at all harmful but addiction to disparage and bullying could make you develop a bad character.
To sum it up, I would like to say that there is a close line between a habit and an addiction, you may develop a habit but if you would convert it into an addiction it would either make you very famous or very infamous. Also I have started seeing addiction as

Addiction is a two faced coin, while one face is Benediction the other is Anathema and its up to us which side we choose.

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