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The Enneagram Test: Your Personality Unveiled

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Charismatic and outgoing, creative and introverted, determined and high-flyer, and endless personality traits — just who are we? Welcome to one of the most fascinating worlds of human psychology. For some crazy reason, we’re always eager to know what our personality type is. With the Enneagram test, you will be able to figure out who you are – and it’s easy to take!

Well, it’s a reflection of our authentic self. It’s a roadmap to finding ourselves; the more we try to unravel, the more we discover.  But, change is inevitable, and with various circumstances, we tend to uncover novel traits of ourselves. Despite that, certain elements remain the same. The Enneagram Test tells you precisely that.

What’s an Enneagram test?

what's your personality type?

The Enneagram test is a test that unveils your personality type. Of all the billion personalities on the planet, the enneagram represents nine types. Yes! You read it right. It’s just nine. Every individual is assumed to exhibit at least one characteristic out of these nine types. Enneagram originates from a Greek word where Ennea signifies “nine,” and gramma means “drawn.” 

We often step out in disguise with the fear of being judged by others. Our true self only unfolds when we’re in our comfort zones. The fact is that we get so adapted to being that way that we often forget who we are.  This Enneagram test reaches the abysmal depths of your character and helps you discover YOU. Whether you’re selfless, or an overthinker, too impatient or a high-flyer, your deepest fears, your aspirations, and whatnot, Enneagram test determines every damn thing about you.

Know your Basics before taking the Enneagram Test

Let’s understand the fundamentals of an Enneagram test before heading to know more about the nine types. The enneagram symbol pretty much looks like those godly signs. It has a circle that comprises of a triangle and an uneven hexagon. The vertices of each represent numbers from 1 to 9. They are the nine types. So, you can be either type 2, type 7, or anything. But, only one type defines your personality. It strongly determines your internal character.

However, it’s natural to exhibit mercurial behaviors in life. That’s when you tend to behave or react to the type adjacent to you. These other types are called the wings. If you’re a type 2, your wings are type 1 and 3. It means, during certain events, you might behave like the other two types, but your primary type will not vary. It is the one that predominates you. Well, that’s all the basics you need to know before taking the enneagram test.

What are the Nine Enneagram Types?

The nine Enneagram types tell you more about your desires, the way you behave with your loved ones, your goals, your compatibility with other types, your values, what excites you, or what makes you unhappy, whether you’ve got a fragile heart or you’re impassive, and also your flaws. There is a multitude of personality traits, and the list is endless. Let’s take a closer look at the nine different enneagram types.

Type 1: The One who wants Everything to be On Fleek

The Enneagram Test: Your Personality Unveiled 1

Hey! that’s not the right way to do it, I think this painting is leaning let me fix it (even though it’s hung perfectly), your report is good, but I think there’s a comma missing, you’re eating the wrong way, I think you need help with the article I will do it for ya, I don’t care if I lose sleep I have to complete this presentation.

Well, these are typical type 1 things. If you could relate to most of them, then you sure have an eye for detail. More like having an ATD, aka Attention to Detail. You’re like Monica Geller of F.R.I.E.N.D.S, who spots mistakes in every small thing. You’re organized. Type 1 cannot handle rejections, and they are the high-fliers, the perfectionists.

Type 2: The Self-Sacrificer 

The Enneagram Test: Your Personality Unveiled 2

In Type 2 people’s world in the Enneagram test, the word NO doesn’t seem to exist. Using Nah, Not Now, Nope, No Way is impossible for them. They are the type who’ll cross the ocean for you and help you out no matter what. But keep in mind, they expect the same help from you too. They can be controlling at times. They’re insecure and find it hard to express even when they need help and end up bottling up their feelings, which might be a problem later.

When others reject their requests, they feel it’s because of them and invariably question if they’ve done something wrong. They shower love for others as much as they can.

Type 3: It’s all about Work! Work! Work!

The Enneagram Test: Your Personality Unveiled 3

Okay, type 3 personality in the Enneagram test is pretty intriguing. Their day goes this way: Eat. Hustle. Nap. Repeat. and sometimes it’s Hustle. Hustle. Hustle. Repeat. They are highly competitive and productive. They are conscious of their appearance a lot. Work is their sole priority, even when they have to be revitalizing. That is precisely why they are called the achievers. They always want to reach great heights. Workaholics is what they are. They cannot handle failures. If you’re a type 3, then you sure can connect to Rachel Green at every level.

Type 4: The One with Unpredictable Mood Swings

The Enneagram Test: Your Personality Unveiled 4

Type 4 in the Enneagram test is capricious. They can go from “Let’s backpack and go trekking” to “Nah, let’s Netflix and chill” in split second. You’ll never understand when and how their mood changes. They can even slide in their cocoon and disappear for days. Their mood swings are extreme. However, their creative juices flow when they’re in the zone. They are individualistic and personal. Type 4 tends to be the reserved type and have infinite conversations with themselves, discovering their real self.

Type 5: The Sherlock Holmes

The Enneagram Test: Your Personality Unveiled 5

Hey Ross Gellers! So, type 5 people in the Enneagram test are always curious. They have questions about everything and everyone. What happened? Why did it happen? How did it happen? When did it happen? Where did it happen? They go on a mission to find the depths of something, and they master it like no other. They love to talk about it too. They might appear as cold and aloof to other types, but they embrace solitude. If you’re a 5, you might be exhibit traits similar to type 6 as that’s your wing. So, you might also be 5w6.

Type 6: The One who can’t make Decisions

The Enneagram Test: Your Personality Unveiled 6

Now, type 6 is my personal favorite in the Enneagram test because I resonate with it a lot, and we are the Chandler Bing. Wah-Pah! They are the loyal ones. Not that the other types are not, type 6 is one step above. They are reliable and diligent. But they can be insecure and anxious most of the time too. Another major flaw or trait as you can call is that they are indecisive. They can’t make decisions instantly.

For example, When Type 6 goes to a Shoe Store. Should I buy the blue one or the black one? Blue looks better, but black seems good too. I’ll go with blue but wait, black goes well with all my dresses. But blue has good designs, and black is just plain. (an infinite loop of confusion). You get frustrated and end up buying either both or none.

Type 7: The Work Hard and Party Harder type

The Enneagram Test: Your Personality Unveiled 7

Let’s Have Fun. Let’s party hard. Let’s go kayaking. Yes, type 7 characters are enthusiasts. They are the opposite of type 6. They are out-going and like to go on an adventure any day. They are the dynamic ones. So, if you’re a type 7, your personality resembles that of Joey Tribianni! Highly optimistic and want to experience new things every day. They are extremely productive and always want to do something exciting.

Type 8: The My Life! My Rules! type

The Enneagram Test: Your Personality Unveiled 8

For better or for worse, Type 8 in the Enneagram test don’t do sweet-talks, they tell you whatever it is straight away. They are often the “I don’t care what others think about me” type. They are highly confident, have leadership skills, and can be dominating pretty much all the time. They don’t accept readily when they’re wrong and don’t like it when others control them. It might be hard to put up with them sometimes, but there sure will be a lot to learn from type 8. Nothing is impossible for them. They are always the “I can, and I will do it” type in the Enneagram test.

Type 9: The “I choose what you choose” type

The Enneagram Test: Your Personality Unveiled 9

Enneagram 9‘s are often okay with whatever others decide. Their opinions and choices will be formed based on others. They are the peacemakers and avoid conflicts as much as they can. They can be taken advantage of due to their accepting behavior. They are passive-aggressive. Their efforts might go unnoticed though they’ve worked day and night to achieve something. They’re hard workers, but often keep re-examining their goals and passions. Not that they’re not ambitious, it’s just that they spend a considerable amount of time to figure out what they want. You can trust them with all your heart and they are simple people with a great soul.

The Enneagram Test: Your Personality Unveiled 10

If you could relate to your winged types, let’s say you’re a type 6, but you also possess traits that of type 7, then you can be called as 6 wing 7, that is, 6w7. The same goes for the rest of the wing types. On a final note, remember, we all are flawed and yet creative in our own way. That’s what makes us, us.

That’s all about the Enneagram guys. We hope you had fun. There are a lot of websites where you can take the Enneagram Test for free and all you have to do it to answer a few questions, and the result will determine your Enneagram type. Do check it out. Also, don’t forget to let us know your Enneagram Type. Ciao!

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