The Girl Who Found True Love!

The Girl Who Found True Love! 1

Love is an awesome feeling. It is a divine blessing. True love has the power to overcome all the odds. Lucky are the people who have honest lovers. They can stand strong in all the troubles for they know that there is someone to give them support and stand by their side.

In today’s world the situation is little bleak. There is allure overpowering the emotion of love. But as it is said true love finds its way through all odds. Neither distance, nor time has the audacity to stop it.
For all those who don’t believe in love, here is a swee , placid love story that shows: LOVE EXISTS.

A chubby, sweet girl away from all the problems of the world gets into her college life unaware of the fact that there is someone waiting for her, eagerly waiting. The girl is happy-go-lucky. An extrovert who makes friends so easily, talks to everyone, chills out, enjoys every moment of life to the fullest. For her there is no one more important in her life than her own company too. She loves herself the most and believes in the theory that no one can interfere with her life. She is the master of her own life.  Well, she doesn’t know there is someone who can change her views.


A guy: handsome and smart. Extremely good looks. Famous name in the college who also never had any experience of love but wishes to have one. He does believe in the power of true love but couldn’t find it yet. He believes that there is someone waiting for him who can love him the way he deserves and waits for that moment to come.



God has plans for everyone. We humans make our strategies but never know whats there in the account. God already has decided it for us. Just the right moment is awaited.

The guy and the girl meet out of nowhere. Just a random exchange of looks and nothing much. Both of them not at all aware that the time is bound to come when they will just wait to catch glimpse of each other.  Without that their days wouldn’t pass happily.
Seeing each other whenever they would pass by. Well yes, destiny has plans. It makes the path for it. They interacted for the first time just as professionals in college would do.

These interactions increased.  From professional talks to friendly talks, the relation was becoming stronger.

Chatting on Whatsapp, Facebook did the rest of the work. Seriously major influences in today’s world. From discussing about their life aspirations to discussing hobbies, their talks considered serious as well as the most stupid conversations and finally…

THE GUY PROPOSED! The girl wasn’t sure about it but decided to give it a try.


The girl has unknown fears for she was unable to accept this love . She had doubts at times but as said true love can face all knots so it does. Finally she accepted it. The best feeling in the world.

Both of them were crazy for each other.  They would crave for each and every single second. Spending entire day together, talking all night. Love was making them ready for all the commitments. Ready to face all the odds. That was the most beautiful time in their lives.

The guy completes his college and leaves for the job. The girl has fears of long distance affecting the relationship but the guy was firm.

Miles apart they were. The one who used to be together all the time just waits for hours and days to see each other. Small fights, sometimes big but all of them were over once they would see each other.

The guy goes and comes and the girl waits for those moments. They support each other and love each other immensely.

For them distance cannot affect their love.

Well yes it cannot and they are together today after 20 years of relationship. A small family – the handsome guy, the cute girl and two children.

Even today one glimpse is what they wait for!download (1) images (1)

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