Friday, July 30, 2021

The House That Went Down

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Yesterday, I witnessed the entire process of a huge crane tearing down a beautiful house that had been there for years. And as I looked, I peculiarly connected it with our own lives.  This poem is just my comprehension of the same. Read on!

house breaking

I saw them breaking down a house yesterday,
With their gigantic crane and boulders, and as everyone stood and stared,
They continued depriving the house of its components, one by one,
And I was rather amused at the fragility of that concrete structure
That stood strong for years, and I couldn’t take my eyes off that destruction,
It wasn’t entertaining, no, but it was strange,
Because it made me think; how beautifully similar it was to you and me;
Those floors and ceilings and walls reminded me
Of the basic but essential accessories that
Complete us, and the windows like our eyes,
More importantly, our vision to the world outside,
But oh how easy was it for the world to fool our sight;
A rather beautiful view from the window could be
A building waiting to cast catastrophe on us, but our houses were never empty.
Were they, my friend?
We encapsulated our loved ones in our inner space and let them build us or destroy us,
But we had them with us forever, and those beautiful and withered flowerpots.
On the window sill equaled our success and failure may be,
But they were but a part of us, and it was the duty of the house
To embrace both, so that the world wouldn’t look down upon it,
And water them every day to make them grow bigger and define us someday,
And as I looked, they broke the house, and it went down,
The floor, the walls, the windows, all of it;
Moreover, that huge yellow crane was a peculiar resemblance to the atrocities of life.
Which tried to bring us down, and we feel, and fall hard,
Just like the house did, and the dust we emanated was a symbol
Of our grief and curbed existence, and as the house went down,
There were other houses around it, like the people around us,
Whom we think stood with us in times of distress, but they
Didn’t go down, for they had their own walls to protect them;
The only real pillars that went down with the house were just of its own,
And we all went down together.
And the others? They just stood and stared.

building breaking down

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