Poetry: Dollhouse

Poetry: Dollhouse 1

A story of lives lived in the shadows of the spotlight, frittered away in a haze of harsh lighting and loud music until what remains is just a broken shell of the original.

Poetry: Dollhouse 2


Dazzling lights in rainbow hues,

Music soft, steps right on cue.

Bodies swaying – gentle brushes, halting touches;

A lingering glance, movements in a trance…


Melodies sweet, soft lights enhance,

Painted lips and powdered charm.


Sparkling fabrics adorn anorexic frames,

Vibrant smiles and anonyms;

Alluring words and curtsies disguise,

Shifting glances, lifeless eyes.


Crimson fountains flowing full;

Into blissful oblivion, all senses pull.


Painted dolls in rooms of glass,

Keyed to smile, simper, laugh;

Kaleidoscope beams the shadows chase–

Bodies move in euphoric haze.


But when with dawn, darkness descends,

Nocturnal angels, into the shadows fade.

Poetry: Dollhouse 3

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