The Law Of Attraction

The Law Of Attraction 1

The Law of Attraction claims that ‘like attracts like.’ We are the ones responsible for the positive and negative outcomes in our lives. When we focus on the negative aspects of our life, we attract negativity and see things fall apart. On the other hand, if we try to see the bright side of our life, we attract positivity and achieve success. Hence, at the end of the day, it is us who shape our lives and not fate. The Law of Attraction states that one has the power to take control of their future. 


We are usually not aware of the negative thoughts which prevent us from succeeding in our lives. We need to search for these and fight them. One may want to lose weight and has tried almost every technique to achieve the goal. A small voice inside them keeps insisting that they cannot. One needs to get rid of that small, yet extremely powerful voice.


Various tools can be used to achieve this. Creative Visualization is one of the ways. One is advised to spend ten to fifteen minutes visualizing the life they want. This helps one find their objective in life and focus on it. There can be various forms of visualization, and different forms work on different people to boost their confidence and optimism.

Using Affirmations is another tool. One can speak encouraging words into the mirror before starting their day. A simple set of words can encourage one and make them feel optimistic. The affirmations can be used in the form of visual signs too. One can wake up to a motivational poster or pen down their goals and stick it on the wall.

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While these seem easy, the difficult part is to determine what drives us. Most feel like their goal is to be successful and rich. Only then can they achieve love. Maybe, what drives them is the need to achieve love. Hence, they cannot attain their goal. When one feels dejected and frustrated, it is important as that tells them that they are unhappy, and that is not what they want in life. Hence, one can tell what they want by realizing what they do not want. 

But then, this does not mean that one can just sit back and feel positive to achieve their goals. The effort needs to be put in. One needs to realize what they do not want to understand what drives them. Then, they need to look for all the negativity inside and get rid of it. Once the negativity is done away with, the way will present itself. One needs to be aware enough to recognize the signs and act on it to finally reach their goal. 



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