The Most Definitive Guide to Avoiding Scams When You Buy Solo Ads Traffic

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First of all, a very warm welcome to yet another marketing blog. Today is the day when we will talk about the thing that is not covered very often – “avoiding scams while you buy solo ads traffic”. Well, for some, even the term solo ads might be entirely new. 

For such an audience, it is the most prominent approach to drive traffic to a business for the purpose of making a good amount of money. So far, nothing has proved to be a better traffic-driving option than the solo ads. 

All you do is purchase a certain amount of clicks from someone with a big email list. As a matter of fact, the person with the list is known as a solo ads provider. Their work is to include a link to your landing page/website in the email with a hope that people from the list will click on it. 


For better results, you need to avoid scams 

Solo ads are in no doubt, effective and they do provide better conversions. They help you to drive sales like crazy but it is not wrong if we consider it as a double-edged sword. It is powerful yet dangerous for you too. Let us know the core reason behind such consideration. 

Well, if you don’t know, solo ad providers are not regulated in any way which means the service, quality, and effectiveness will vary highly from vendor to vendor. Some may provide you the best service while some will be entirely useless. 

The guru mantra to avoid the latter vendors goes through the path of avoiding the scams first. On the other hand, ad networks like Google AdWords and Facebook ads have their own set of regulations. By this, they are capable of ensuring a safe and scam-free environment for its users. 

Moreover, if you ever think of going beyond the limits by breaking their set of rules then you may encounter a penalty or even have to face a permanent ban from the platform.  However, these sources are a form of cold traffic and that’s why are not capable of providing better conversions, unlike solo ads. 

On the other hand, the list used in the solo ads is built entirely by personal recommendations because of which the results are not only better but long term as well. You can use the solo ads to even create a list of your own and use it for later purposes. 

With solo ads, you promote as long as you have consent 

This is what makes it highly beneficial than the Google ads where you cannot expect even a better relationship since they don’t even talk to you. Everything is automated but for better results, human interaction is required. 

Moreover, as stated already, you can get banned for not complying with the rules and the regulations by them without even getting a warning for the same. And that’s like similar for all other major ad platforms like Facebook ads which are for your information the biggest ad network out there. 

Solo ads, on the other hand, are very flexible with the rules and you are allowed to promote anything that can yield money for you. Google AdWords won’t let you advertise things such as making money from home types of ads, and usually, these contents create conversions and if an ad network doesn’t let you advertise for the same, what’s the use then? 

In a nutshell, the purpose of getting good quality traffic is not possible unless you opt to buy solo ads traffic. The solo ads are rich in everything just like the amazing rainforest but similarly have a lot of wild animals – scammers in the marketplace. 

Therefore, one must know how to identify the scammers that only want you to buy their cheap quality of traffic that will yield no benefits to you. Therefore, let us now finally begin with the infinity gauntlet of the solo ads scammer identification. 

The best method to identify scammers – Read reviews 

There are several people who sell their service for a mere price of 50 cents for each click. However, at such a low rate, all you can expect is the lowest quality robot traffic from hit leap. This is a win-win for the ad provider but lose-lose for you. 

The traffic that you’ll be getting will not be even real humans then how could you expect them to engage or purchase something from your link? Well, there is a way to avoid such sellers and save you from getting scammed. 

The first thing that you need to consider is the place where you are purchasing the service. Make sure that you choose a place that is well-known and has a respectful name in the community. Moreover, underground platforms are highly suggested since you will be able to find a lot of sellers and buyers there. 

This means that the one who is successful there is the one that provides the best services since there is a lot of competition there. Moreover, you will be able to find a lot of reviews for the services on these underground platforms. So ensure that you read them as well before jumping to the big picture. 

This is a highly working strategy to avoid the majority of the scams related to solo ads. Here is another one that you might find useful as well: 

A platform is better than a group on social media 

Repeat after me, “I will not be a fool and purchase solo ads from facebook groups because I know that people are likely to be scammers there” and just stick to this thing. If you follow these two tactics then you will never ever get scammed while you buy solo ads traffic. 

Ensure that you only purchase the ads from a reliable or underground platform. 


Solo ads have no other competitors in their competency but the community itself is plagued with scammers. With this article, you can make them vanish like a magic wand. That’s all we have for today.

Originally posted 2019-12-31 05:48:30.

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