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The Refugee Crisis Sliding into Children’s Books

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The Refugee Crisis Sliding into Children's Books 1

The refugee disaster in Europe is making its way from the news headlines to the sheets of children’s books, in the process of the novelists making an attempt to make it easier for the parents to make their children perceive the frightening and barbaric incidents carving their world.

Painful photos of African evacuees being clutched from hauling seas or the casket covered consequences of extensive drowning have turned into an everyday story of television news and printed newspapers since the continues and dramatic increase of the catastrophe 4 years back.

The Refugee Crisis Sliding into Children's Books 2

It has become an inescapable piece of the present day generation’s technological encounters which is giving a tough time to the teachers and parents all around Europe and all over the world, for that matter, to discover ways to help children make sense of everything that is happening around; and as a result the writers and cartoonists have taken the matter in their hands and the matter of refugee crisis was an extrusive theme at the recently held Bologna Children’s book fair, one of the most enormous in Europe.

Casa Lampedusa by Antonio Ferrara

Novelist Antonio Ferrara was advertising his current book, ‘Casa Lampedusa’, which has its story fixed around the Italian island, stuck in the crisis. Ferrara said that the word ‘abracadabra’ (harry potter fans would know) basically mean, ‘by speaking, I create,’ and to him as a writer it means that a thing that is most likely nonexistent, like faith in people or willingness to let in people from different countries, can be  built if a tale is told convincingly. The story is told from the perspective of a boy aged 13, who witnesses the lives of people dwelling on the island remodeled by the terror. The novel starts with a phrase the lead singer of the band U2 once listened to a migrant say, “I’m not dangerous, I’m in danger”.

Planete Migrants by Sophie Lamoureux

Another non-fiction novel, ‘Planete Migrants’, authored by Sophie Lamoureux, earned an award at the fair, wishes to put in a historical background to the modern landing of innumerable evacuees from the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia.

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