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10 Books That Would Make The Best Romantic Plots!

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Being an avid reader, I know that every time I indulge in a new book, my imagination plays a reel in my mind. If I could manifest my imagination into a screenplay, it would be the most fantastic thing ever! I mean, don’t you love what Amir Khan did with 3 idiots? Or how Lootera turned out to be?

Here’s a list of a few romantic/romantic-comedy books that could be splendid movies.

10. I’ve got your number – Sophie Kinsella

Sophie Kinsella’s bestseller novel, ‘Confessions of a shopaholic’ was a blockbuster film. And this book deserves to be turned into a movie!

The story starts with Poppy Wyatt losing her priceless engagement ring mere weeks before her wedding and her cell phone soon after that. While searching for the former, she comes across a phone thrown in the trash can. Justifying her actions through the timeless “Finders are Keepers” rule, she decides to keep it.

The phone turns out to be company property and the owner, Sam, wants it back. This results in a lot of bickering and bargaining on both parties, and they end up agreeing to “share” the phone for the time being.

Its laugh-out-loud humor, with a loveable main character, is a light romance with subtle messages.

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9. Broken Soup – Jenny Valentine

No one is perfect. Everyone is broken inside. At some point in life, you have to be broken inside. Cause only when you are broken can you heal. And mend. And learn to be strong and be whole again.

If you have someone to lean on, you can get through the worst of the worst times that life throws at you. This book is worth a shot because it has so many layers that it would be beguiling to peel each one off and see what’s underneath.

Also, the book’s illustrated cover would make a flamboyant poster!

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8. Her Perfect Revenge – Anna Mara

Engaged in a clever battle of wits where games, lies, secrets, and deceptions rule the day. Three people are trying to deceive and keep secrets from each other. Here we meet three awesome people – Christina Matteo, Bill Havenwood, and William Havenwood Sr.

The first part is a crazy, wild, and funny ride, full of twists and turns. The last part is a bit of melancholia, separation, and grief. Bad luck strikes to expose secrets in unimaginable ways and the worst possible times.

It’s a laugh-out-loud comedy worth making into a movie and would be very fun to watch.

7. Boycotts & Barflies – Victoria Michaels

The story starts with the girls going on lame dates and not finding the right man. Familiar enough?

It starts with three couples. The women vow to stay off men for six weeks as they have had excruciatingly lousy dates. They make a wager that whoever holds out until New Years’ without giving in to their set of rules with a man wins the money in the pot to buy a killer pair of heels for their first New Years’ date. Plus, bragging rights.

On the other hand, the men are fed up with the bimbos turning up at their bar and hitting them. They swear to stay away from women, otherwise known as barflies, at their place of work. They are looking for beautifunice/good women to date, the kind they can take home to their mothers. They also make a wager that the last man standing in their bet wins the tip jar they are putting all their tips in.

There are pranks, antics, conversations/jokes, ex-loser, bad date stories, funny ringtones, and the loopholes the men find to try to date these women without the women realizing.

Man! I can’t wait to watch it.

10 Books That Would Make The Best Romantic Plots! 2

6. Why Romeo Hates Juliet – Anna Mara

Love thy neighbor but not before you shoot him first.

It has absolutely nothing to do with William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet; this is by no means modernization of the story, the characters’ names being the only commonality.

Romeo and Juliet continually cause great chagrin to each other in the story, but their chemistry is so great that they keep you hooked.

It will surely be a funny, emotional rollercoaster ride filled with twists & turns and highs & lows, spanning an entire summer at the beach. What else do you need, right?

10 Books That Would Make The Best Romantic Plots! 3


5. How Opal Mehta got kissed, got wild, and got a life! – Kaavya Viswanathan


Being a nerd myself, I can totally understand that it is a prayer for some of us. But the sole purpose of your life is to get into Harvard? Woah! A bit too much.

This is an incredible tale of how balance in life is crucial. Life is to live, not to plan. Life is to indulge, not to sit. Life is to laugh, not to hold back.

Life is to love and to laugh.

It’d be exhilarating to watch this on the screen!

10 Books That Would Make The Best Romantic Plots! 4

4. Love@Facebook – Nikita Singh

If you have a loving hunk as your best friend, then it’s beyond my understanding why anyone would want to stalk and believe that your infatuation with a wannabe celebrity is true love, especially when he has a delicious body and loves you to the moon and back—the best friend, not the asshole wannabe star. But then people tend to act infuriatingly stupid. As long as it’s a happy ending, who am I to complain?

10 Books That Would Make The Best Romantic Plots! 5


3. Take one more chance – Shriya Garg

Having ‘Mr. Right’ right in front of you but never even realizing it until, well, it’s almost too late. Thank God that life offers you a second chance.  Yes, you have to kiss 100 toads before you get the frog. Oops! The prince.  But then you can’t really complain if he is there to save your ass every time you fall into deep shit, even when you’re kissing the frogs. And it doesn’t hurt if he is incredibly handsome with a lust-worthy body. Oh, and of course, the intelligence of an IIT-ian.

Also, the love story is so ‘innocent’ that the censor board won’t really get a chance to object to anything (If you know what I mean!). But then there’s a kiss. 

10 Books That Would Make The Best Romantic Plots! 6

2. You never know when you’ll get lucky – Priya Narendra

Having a packet of your condoms in your purse for you don’t know when you might get stuck with a dashing guy in his apartment cause of the catastrophic Bombay rains, clever indeed. Or is it plain lucky?

This is the perfect example of the metropolitan culture and issues of long-distance relationships these days. Definitely worth turning into a movie!10 Books That Would Make The Best Romantic Plots! 7

1. Right fit wrong shoe – Varsha Dixit

This book is entirely scripted to be turned into a Bollywood movie. Filled with indulging drama and scenes, it has all the ingredients for a riveting, soul-stirring, and Mills and Boons kind of romantic flick.

Rich, handsome, and highly intelligent (Aditya!) meets a beloved family friend and our very own damsel in distress  (Naina!).

They hate each others’ gut and cannot stand each other until they, of course, fall in love. Sacrifices for the greater good separates them only to be in each other’s path much later in life. All the hatred in the air is submerged underneath their undying love for each other. So much for a happy ending!

A possible suggestion for  Aditya – Fawad Khan

Naina – Alia Bhatt

(I did a small poll and came to this conclusion! :P)


If anyone is ever making a movie of these books, I really hope that the movies do justice to the books.

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