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The Sarojini Nagar Market Goes Online!

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Whenever a girl steps into Delhi, she knows that it is absolutely imperative to give a visit to ‘THE SAROJINI’ Nagar market. This crazy hype about Sarojini has existed since very long as it is the ‘cloud-cuckoo land’ for every girl who is style struck! and is willing to buy every fad outfit available. However, as there is no way to buy several things altogether from a branded store like MANGO, Sarojini Nagar comes to the rescue!

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Here, everything is available at 1/4th the original price and if you can bargain well, then you can get some truly dapper pieces at extremely cheap rates! But, one cannot gainsay the fact that going to Sarojini and looking for the right pieces is a little irksome at times because of all the raucous crowd and the merciless heat of Delhi!
But now that the Sarojini Nagar is available online with all its apparel, we are no longer shackled by any kind obstacle! This is a great news for every shopaholic out there who can’t find the time to go to Sarojini and shop.
It is a surplus market basically, so whatever clothes India needs to export to another country, it is made sure that there is absolutely no flaw in those outfits. So, the ones with any minor defect get rejected and are consequently bought by the sellers in Sarojini in kilos, and therefore they sell them at cheap rates.
So, when you are shopping there, it is absolutely necessary to keep a keen eye on the pieces that you select, because at times the defects are not just plainly minor.
Now, that the store is available online, you won’t have to go through this struggle, and you can be pretty sure about the fact that whatever you will order online will be in a good condition, and if not- then they have a fairly easy return policy for the same.
Currently, most of their pieces are already out of stock, and this situation truly signifies the monomania of all the fashionistas in grabbing all the scintillating pieces right away!
So, here are some styling tips for some trendy pieces which are available at
1) Backless Halter Dress
A dazzling outfit like this is perfect for dinner dates and DJ nights. You can pair it up with a classy pair of stilettoes (preferably in silver color) along with a chic arm cuff or a pair of long beautiful earrings and you are ready to step out and rock!
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 2)Cropped Dungaree

Dungarees are an extremely versatile piece as you can glam it up or down on the basis of your need.

For the day time, you can pair it up with a white t-shirt or any light colored t-shirt that would go with yellow along with a good pair of sneakers.
For the night, you can pair it up with a nice black crop top with some detailing at the back, a chic pair of danglers and a pair of black block heels or stilettoes.
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3) Flowy Polka Skirt
 This is a great skirt to create an elegant and sophisticated look. It can be paired up with a good material white t-shirt which can have full sleeve or cap sleeve or can be sleeveless as well. With minimalistic jewelry like a nice choker, or a layered neck piece, you can create a beautiful look. Also, don’t forget to carry a basic clutch to create a more appealing look overall.
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4) Golden Sequence Jacket
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Jackets like these can steal the show because they can simply increase the glam quotient of a plain basic LBD or maybe a top paired with an A-line skirt or basic black jeans. You just need to wear a sparkling pair of danglers along with an edgy pair of heels and you are good to go for the night!
5) Ruffle Jumpsuit
Jumpsuits are always in and never go out of style. This piece can be worn for a brunch and also for a dinner date. For the day time, you can pair it up with flats and for the night you should opt for a good pair of pumps. In addition, you can also wear an armlet or go for layered rings to bring out your A game!
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