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The Stages of App Development

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Android or IOS application development is something that many businesses need. It may be one’s own CRM system, an app for customers to view and buy products, and many other variants. There are several phases involved in this process, and it is important to move step by step to ensure that the final product will match all the expectations in terms of design and functionality. Undoubtedly, if you are not a professional, you do not have the slightest idea of all the aspects that must be taken into account during the app development process. In this article, we will go through the stages of mobile web application development so that you can clearly understand what it requires.

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Stage #1 — Research

During this initial phase, it is essential to collect all the necessary information. You should have a clear idea of what you need. The application should fully match the needs of the end-user.

Stage #2 — Coming Up with a User Interface

Now, you need to make a representation of a user interface to have a full understanding of the app functionality. At this moment, you need to make detailed sketches. This step will allow you to analyze the app usability, add or delete features, and make any other necessary adjustments to your project.

Stage #3 — Determining the Back-end Systems

Now, when you know how everything should look and what it should do, you need to determine which back-end systems you will use.

Stage #4 — Developing Your App

It is time to write codes. All the designed elements should be properly linked, and the overall design should be built.

Stage #6 — Testing

Now, you need to check out that everything works smoothly. In fact, you can do some testing in the previous stages as well. If something is wrong, go back and eliminate all the mistakes.

Stage #8 — Deployment

Once you are sure that the app runs smoothly and there are no bugs, it is ready for submission. Choose a day and do not forget to check the conditions of different app stores to keep everything smooth.

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