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10 Things That Should Never Leave Your Backpack While Travelling

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We understand that travelling has become a distant dream for us among the busy schedule. This winter, present yourself with an amazing experience, pack that bag and head towards the place you’re craving to be in, away from the cacophony of your city.

But before you go out, check again whether you have packed all the items listed below.

1. Identity Proof

This is the first essential you need if you’re on your way to respite. Firstly, you’ll need them at the place you’re staying and after that, you might need a proof at other places too while travelling.


2. First Aid Kit

Always keep a small medical kit handy, just to be safe enough. Paracetamols, pain relieving balms, diarroeha medication, ointments for cuts and burns are the basic things.

3. Mosquito Repellent

You don’t want to get malaria or dengue while travelling, right? So get that mosquito repellent in your backpack.


4. Torch

Do take the basic torch with you, because powercuts are SO common in India (ugh)!


5. Money

Yes, you have your card and enough cash in your purse. But we suggest to keep some in your backpack too while travelling , in case you lose your wallet.


6. Food

You are going for that long hike or ride, chances are you won’t find any place to grab a snack readily. Keep some dry food handy.


7. Powerbank

HELL OF AN IMPORTANT THING. You just cannot charge your phone in the middle of a hike but for this.


8. Water

Okay pretty obviously, a bottle full of water is the last thing you would want to be out of your backpack.


9. Camera

We know how you want to cherish those memories (Read: how you want to make your friends jealous by posting those #traveldiaries pictures).


10. Swiss Knife

This is a small, lightweight, multipurpose knife and we cannot imagine travelling without this knife.


With all these in your bag, you’re ready to travel. So go, fulfill those dreams and create endless moments.


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