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Top 20 Amazing Character Traits of a Good Personality

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“Let nothing bind you in the world other than your highest inner truth.”

What are the best character traits that you cannot miss out on? Personality is the combination of character traits or qualities that enables an individual to be distinct from others.

It is generally the way we think, respond and behave in different situations. We might have come across loads of character traits in our life to date, let them be positive or negative. All of them are those who might be optimistic, aggressive, shy, antisocial, selectively social or whatever. It is always a brainer to crack out on the reason behind their character traits and the way they behave. Yes, it is obvious that everyone is not the same and they can come up with varied character traits but then, why some of them are really unacceptable and annoying?

A study on human behavior has revealed that 90% of the population can be classified into four basic personality types based on their character traits: Optimistic, Pessimistic, Trusting and Envious. However, the latter of the four types, Envious, is the most common, with 30% compared to 20% for each of the other groups.

The Top 20 Character Traits that Makes a Good Personality

Envious is most common as a thumb of the rule because we, humans, are always up to something and wanted to have way too more and so are envious to the other people.
So, here I’ve got some known but neglected top 20 character traits of a good personality and strategies which can bring out a very affable personality.

1. Positive Vibe is a Top Character Trait

Top 20 Amazing Character Traits of a Good Personality 1

Life is a lot more than what meets the eye. Get pleasure out of simple things in your life and don’t look at a problem or a person hopelessly rather look on the bright side because every problem comes with a SOLUTION but don’t be a negative person who comes up with a PROBLEM for every solution. Just because someone did something bad for you, you need not have a grudge on him but you could forgive him.

At times, you just need to know that people can only understand you up to their level of perception and let them commit mistakes and realize themselves if they’re way too stubborn. If someone talks badly behind you or cracked some lame jokes on you, just let them go away because that’s not meant for you, right? You are too precious to allow any disappointments into your life, dear. So just keep vibing positive and spread positivity all around you.

Pick battles that actually worth fighting.

2. Respect others’ opinions

Top 20 Amazing Character Traits of a Good Personality 2

Have you ever come across these weird people who don’t care what you’re speaking during a conversation or a discussion and deliberately prove you wrong no matter what you are speaking about? Yes, fo sho!

They are the ones who are extremely proud of their overconfidence and belittle others. Well, we ain’t gonna be the one like them. Always remember to listen to the speaker attentively and value their words.

They might have lost the track and talking something incorrectly, that’s fine, you must tell them that it’s not the correct info and something else is correct in a polite manner without passing the statements rudely though you’re pretty sure about your correct answer. Neither your words nor your deeds, be them very minute, should hurt any person in any way. So, make sure that you are speaking in a polite and low tone.

3. Do NOT Criticize

What the hell is she wearing?!
Does she even know what fashion is?!
It is not at all modest and damn uncultured?!

Of course, it is! But that’s her choice and taste. It’d be better if you keep your opinions to yourself. You ain’t gonna pay for it anyway. We all know this famous saying “Born to express not to impress”, do you?

You can’t just judge people based on what you have heard. Though you don’t like something about a person, keep it to yourself or tell them in person if you really care for them rather criticizing them in public.

4. Acknowledge Immaturity

This is what I am! This is what I liked and wanted to do! I don’t even care what people think about me if I do this! It’s not a matter of conscience but free will!

Hmm, déjà vu?

Yeah, these are all used by many of us in different situations of our life. D’ya think it’s being yourself and living your life the way you wanted it to be? Well, that’s not quite correct. This is what called IMMATURITY.

You can’t just speak loudly in a library just because YOU WANTED TO, though it disturbs others and says that you’re living your life in your way. As we are humans living in a mannered culture, we should live up to the expectations of society. We must have to follow some basic ethical values though they are slightly against our way of living.

5. Maintain a humble tone

While speaking, it is really important to not take advantage of status, class or any kind of classifications to be superior to someone in an unacceptable way. If you scored better than someone or if you have bills more than someone, you need not look down upon them. There shall not be a thing like a root cause of arrogance and betrayal in thee.

6. Self-motivation

Always motivate yourself to smile at the vulnerabilities, bring out the better version of you than yesterday, accept the fact that everyone is different, get over failures, approach problems wisely, and overcome obstacles for success to be in your bag. Self-positive talk is all we need.

7. Equality matters

Top 20 Amazing Character Traits of a Good Personality 3

Just because you are taller than them, stronger than them, and your arms are a little bit longer than them, that doesn’t mean you are better than them. 😛

Kidding though, but this character trait does matter seriously for a good personality.

Again, it’s never anything about feminism or mennism but being humans, just humans with equality everywhere. Equality should vibe from the bottom of your heart.

8. Compassion

Top 20 Amazing Character Traits of a Good Personality 4

Be kind. Yeah, yeah, I know it sounds too easy to inculcate this character trait but why don’t we do? Always shower love on people, animals, and every creature alive. Always put on that not-a-fake smile and it genuinely encourages everything around you as we never know what adversities people are dealing with behind the scenes. So, always be a kind and loving person. Show some love. 🙂

9. Honesty

Did you know the easiest things to follow are the good things? Unfortunately, it might be a bolt out of the blue but yeah it is. Travel back to childhood; use the pencil I gave you and not steal others’. How easily does this sound? But we wantedly out of the stereotypical statement that bad is comparatively magnetic to people; well, honesty is not out of fashion but still the best policy. Try being a truth-teller always. It’ll be difficult while telling the truth indeed but it will be always difficult with endeavors to manage if you don’t tell the truth forever.

“Thou shall be fair, O my beloved homo sapiens.”

10. Loyalty ain’t lost yet

Top 20 Amazing Character Traits of a Good Personality 5

When you are loyal, it means you are reliable and worthy enough to trust. When people believe that they can rely on you and everything you say, there will be no room for any sort of misunderstandings and then you will see the world which would be built out of beautiful relations that are real and refined.

11. Pay gratitude

Loyalty and gratitude go hand in hand. You should be loyal to the people and always acknowledge their readiness to help you. You should always extend gratitude to everyone who has shown love and support for you in all ways of your life. Gratitude must be your attitude – it’s one of the best character traits you will ever come across.

12. Frankness

The antagonist-partiality; might have born back in the day when your parents wanted you to score well than any other in the class or maybe when you don’t want to write your friend’s name on the board while you’re monitoring the class. Never try favoring one side in a dispute above the other or prejudiced against anyone. Always be a fair-minded person and look forward to seeing how fair your life is gonna be then.

13. Unselfish

Being selfless is probably the best thing you could ever do for mankind, I believe. Although you’ve got to help someone when you don’t feel like or when you don’t want to or when you have other work or when you have a grudge on them, I think it’s fine to compromise with yourself sometimes. We don’t need to give any never-ending explanations when you compromise with yourself and turn down or procrastinate on your work. You need to look to develop the best character traits.

14. Lend a hand

Top 20 Amazing Character Traits of a Good Personality 6

Try to get as selfless as selflessness can get. This is a very essential character trait of a good personality. Yeah, because only then you can stay all ready to lend a hand for anyone who is in need. When you are not selfish and aid others, you will find the genuine ecstasy out of the gratitude that surfaces on the face of the ones who sought help.

15. Flexiblity is one of the best character traits

Hey, easy there! Try to be a person who can cope up with any kind of change and adapt to the situations. Be responsive to the changes around you and initiate a molded behavior to be easy going and way more cooperative.

16. Energetically amusing

Top 20 Amazing Character Traits of a Good Personality 7

Being energetic will always make you seem to be lively and enthusiastic. Always be that fizzing bubble who spirits up everyone around you. If you’re that ball filled with energy, all the stumbling blocks would be kicked out.

17. Creativity’s a good character trait

Character trait

A creative character trait is a need for a good personality for sure. All the time, try coming up with creative ways and approaches. Keep pondering about the problems and tasks in a novel and creative way. This trait shows up unexpected events occur and portrays your outlook on the situation.

18. Caring is among the best character traits

Always pour out compassion and give emotional support to the people going through hard times. Caring for people is indeed a humane character trait to possess a good personality. Always consider others’ issues and look after to help them if you could.

19. Fail not to forgive

Yes, you would certainly encounter an intense furious emotion hitting you when someone hurts you. You might feel like yelling at them or even worse offering them the heaviest batterings. It’s okay, never be that grumpy being who makes decisions out of haste. Take time and think over and over again to change feelings and forgive the one because you are way more mature than them to talk back, aren’t you?

No matter what they have done and whether they deserve your forgiveness or not but please do forgive and so good relations would be maintained and sustained forever. Forgiveness is one of the eminent character traits of a good personality. To inculcate the character trait, forgiveness, it is not a cakewalk and indeed an uphill battle. We need to have the pure heart which has no negative emotions but filled with all love and compassion to forgive anyone regardless of their actions.

20. Witty

character traits

How can we even expect the list of top 20 character traits of a good personality to be wrapped up with the exclusion of humor?

“I’m not great at advice, can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?”

O, Chandler Bing! Not discussing this kind though.

Nevertheless, last in order but not in importance, above all, wit is the foremost character trait to be inculcated. Be that type of person who loves to laugh and make people laugh. These people are actually good at coping up with new situations and approaching problems without being locked by stress. These kinds of people are always welcomed as witty people are those who spread cheerfulness all around and takes delight in others’ happiness. Wherever they go, they leave a speck of wit.

Having the Best Character Traits

We all are so used to be in this forever race of correcting others. For once, change the direction of your ultra magnifying glass from others to yourself and you’ll know where the fault is. After going through these character traits of a good personality, you would understand the need of refining ourselves. Then, the goodness which you spread would be reflected on the other beings and pure hearts begin to talk. What are the best character traits that you look for? Let us know below.

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