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Top 20 Civil Engineering Companies in the World

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This is a lookout on the top 20 civil engineering companies in the world. Let’s read!

One of the biggest steps that we take in our lives is selecting our career path. This is also one of the greatest risks that we undertake, and it takes up a big chunk of our time, money, and energy. In short, we are investing a portion of our lives for better career opportunities.

Engineering is a career option that has seen a big boom in recent times. Among the various disciplines in engineering, civil engineering has come up to become an essential sector, with vast job opportunities. However, it is another dilemma about where you need to apply, or which company to focus your aim on, because of the huge number of options available.

We all wish to work somewhere that is recognized, has a good pay structure, offering a secure job, and the ability to develop your skills and progress in your field. It is difficult to get a job at a company that offers all of these. However, this list that we’ve put together has all the top civil engineering companies that can provide you the opportunity to grow and build your skillset.



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Vinci is a globally leading construction company, founded in 1899 and head office stationed at Rueil-Malmaison, Hauts-de-Seine, Paris. With revenue of €48 billion and an employee strength of 222,392 as of 2019, Vinci is considered to be one of the global leaders in concessions and constructions.

Vinci is one of the leading civil engineering companies, and to get your chance at working there, make sure you have a unique cover letter, and the necessary skillset. If you have something unique and creative, along with a desire to work hard, then do not miss out on applying here.

2. ACS, Actividades de Construccion y Servicios, S.A.

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ACS Construction Group Ltd. offers services in many different areas and sectors, such as transportation infrastructure projects and public works. Founded in 1997 in Madrid, Spain, the company has grown to a revenue of €34 billion (as of 2016) and a workforce of 210,345 (as of 2014).

They’re also known for their safe working practices and strict adherence to safety procedures. The company also has a Performance Development Review Scheme that encourages a one to one meeting between the supervisor and employee for better communication about work practices and feedbacks. You may apply to ACS by emailing your CV in the email provided on their website.

3. Bouygues S.A.

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This industrial group was founded in 1952 by Francis Bouygues and had various subsidiaries, including Bouygues Construction. This civil engineering branch of the original group undertakes multiple construction projects, including in the public works and energy services.

The company is headquartered in Paris, France, and has a revenue of €35.55 billion (as of 2018) and a workforce of 129,000. Being globally prominent at its job, Bouygues Construction has established branches in 80 countries.

If you’re a highly motivated and enthusiastic person, with love for working towards your aim, then apply at Bouygues Construction via their website, by attaching your CV and cover letter. Be sure to stay updated as they post their vacancy list on their website. Note that there are different websites for different branches worldwide, so make sure you filter out your preferences and apply them right.

4. Hochtief Aktiengesellschaft

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This is yet another engineering firm that has made it into this list of top civil engineering companies, offering project management and construction services. Based in Essen, Germany, this civil engineering firm was founded in 1973, with the Spanish construction company ACS acquiring a total of 66.5% stake of Hochtief.

As of 2017, this civil engineering firm has revenue of €22.6 billion, and an employee workforce of 53,890.

Today, Hochtief is the largest construction company in Germany, with many subsidiary divisions that worked with airport operations, construction projects, infrastructure projects, etc.

5. Strabag SE

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Strabag SE is a European civil engineering firm based in Spittal an der Drau, Austria. With its headquarters at Vienna, this construction company rakes in a revenue of €13,508 million as of 2017 and has a workforce of 71,839.

Being one of the largest construction/ civil engineering companies in Europe as well as the largest construction company in Austria, Strabag SE is active in many countries worldwide, such as India, Canada, China, and Chile, along with various subsidiaries.

Strabag SE has made it big among other civil engineering companies with its wide area of focus, which includes Transportation Infrastructure projects, Building Construction projects, as well a Special Divisions and Concessions area. Some of their notable works include the third Niagara Hydro tunnel in Canada and Basra International Airport in Iraq.

6. Larsen & Toubro Limited

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Among the list of top civil engineering companies in the world is Larsen & Toubro Limited, an Indian engineering firm, with services that range from construction projects and manufacturing to financial services. It was founded in 1938 by two Danish engineers and had its headquarters at Ballard Estate, Mumbai, India.

The services offered include infrastructure projects, IT services, real estate, and construction projects. The company generates revenue of US$21 billion (as of 2019), with 44,761 permanent employees and 293,662 people employed on a contract basis.

L&T has student induction programs, where they take in fresh graduates for Graduate Engineer Trainee Programs, provide a training program, and introduce them to the working world. This could focus on a wide variety of areas, such as project management, construction management, manufacturing technology, and quality assurance and control.

7. China Communications Construction Company, Ltd. (CCCC)

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The CCCC is a state-owned engineering firm that deals with infrastructure projects and construction of railways, roads, bridges, and ports. It has a revenue of US$ 70 billion and employs around 118,000 people.

With its headquarters in Beijing, China, the CCCC engages in construction projects at different parts of the world, having completed many of the world’s top-notch construction projects, with excellent quality standards as well.

8. Obayashi Corporation

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This is one of the major construction and civil engineering companies in Japan, founded in 1936 and headquartered at Minato City, Tokyo, Japan. With 14,993 employees and offices in 14 different countries, it is a civil engineering company that offers construction projects as well as real estate development.

It generated a revenue of US$17.28 billion and was also ranked 15th in the list of Top 250 Global Contractors, compiled by ENR. The company has over 80 subsidiaries apart from operations in many different countries with affiliated companies. Notable works include the Dubai Metro, Taipei Metro, Kansai International Airport, Japan, and Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore.

9. Skanska AB

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Skanska AB is a construction company with its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. It was listed as the 5th largest construction company in the world by Construction Global magazine.

With a revenue of US$ 19.11 billion, this civil engineering firm employs approximately 33,225 workers as of 2019. Noted for projects such as the renovation of the UN Headquarters, Skanska AB provides its services range from infrastructure projects to residential development.

Currently, Skanska has opened up its Summer Internship program in Project and Field Engineering, selecting interns from civil and mechanical engineering, along with cost, safety, and field engineering. The positions are open for finance/ accounting as well as equipment maintenance. Click here to apply now!

10. Bechtel

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Bechtel is an engineering firm, providing services such as procurement, construction, and project management and is headquartered at Reston, Virginia, U.S.A. Generating revenue of US$ 21.8 billion (as of 2019), along with a workforce of 55,000 as of 2017, this is one of the top civil engineering companies from the ENR Rankings.

This US-based company has many divisions that focus on different areas, such as Infrastructure projects, Mining and Metals, Nuclear, Security and Environment, etc.
Bechtel also offers jobs for the newly graduated, as well as internships for students in many fields such as Field engineering, Structural engineering, and Geotechnical engineering.

11. Fluor Corporation

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Fluor Corporation is an engineering firm focused on engineering procurement, project management, and construction projects. As of 2018, they generate a revenue of US$ 19 billion, with a workforce of 53,349 employees.

With its headquarters at Irving, Texas, this civil engineering company has many notable projects, such as the construction of cooling towers for the Manhattan Project, as well as international deals with ARAMCO in Saudi Arabia.

Fluor offers job opportunities for people at different skill levels, such as professionals and graduates, while also providing training in crafts in countries where the necessary programs are not available.

12. Ferrovial

Top 20 Civil Engineering Companies in the World 1
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Ferrovial is a Spanish company, with its headquarters in Madrid, and services provided in more than five countries. They have four divisions (Airports, Highways, Construction, and Services), offering various services such as infrastructure projects and management, waste, and facility management.

With revenue of €12,208 million as of 2017, they employ 95,978 employees (as of 2016). A few of their notable projects include the Heathrow T2A Terminal, England, the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Spain, and the M3 motorway in Ireland.

Ferrovial also offers graduate programs for fresh graduates and final year students, such as in construction and a joint initiative program between the Heathrow Airport and Ferrovial Airports, where they train recent graduates. Apart from this, their Webber Summer Internship program is also open for students in civil engineering and related fields. This program focuses on training students in various areas such as field engineering and project supervision and management.


Top 20 Civil Engineering Companies in the World 2
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AECOM is an engineering firm headquartered in Los Angeles, California, USA. With a revenue of US$18 billion and 87,000 employees as of 2017, AECOM provides services in different areas such as construction projects and management, architectural engineering, and building design.

A few of their notable projects include the Abu Dhabi International Airport, 2016 Summer Olympics, JFK International Airport, and Ferrari World, among many others.

AECOM offers graduate career opportunities, as well as graduate internships and work-study programs, that can help you advance in your career and develop skills. Graduate career opportunities are available in many different parts of the world. Click here to check it out.

14. Royal BAM Group

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Founded in 1869, the Royal BAM Group (Koninklijke BAM Group) is a construction company that has its headquarters at Bunnik, Netherlands. Generating revenue of €7207.7 million, the company employs 20,156 people as of 2018.

Notable projects include the Amsterdam Arena football stadium and the Euroborg football stadium. BAM provides student opportunities and graduate training for work experience as well as prospective jobs. To know more, visit Careers at BAM.

15. Kiewit Corporation

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Kiewit Corporation is one of the largest civil engineering companies (construction and engineering) in North America. With its headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska, US, this private engineering firm generates revenue of US$ 12,338 million (as of 2012) and employs about 22,000 people (as of 2017).

Kiewit Corp. offers jobs at different levels, such as internships, entry-level jobs, professional, and skilled crafts. For more information and job listings, click here.

16. PCL Construction

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PCL Construction is a private construction company with its headquarters in Denver, Colorado. It is a group of contracting companies that offer various services, such as civil infrastructure projects and building projects.

It is one of the top listed civil engineering companies, having ranked the largest contracting organization in Canada in June 2020, as well as attaining 14th rank in the Top 100 Green Contractors. Apart from this, it was also in the list of Top Employers for Young People in Canada.

17. Renaissance Construction

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Renaissance Construction is the construction firm division of Rönesans Holding and has its headquarters in Turkey. Apart from the building and infrastructural projects, the holding also has other divisions that focus on industrial construction projects and real estate investments.

According to the list of Top 250 International Contractors released by ENR (Engineering News-Record), Renaissance Construction took the 33rd place.

18. Power Construction Corporation of China Ltd

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This engineering firm handles infrastructure projects that deal with electricity generation and technology, such as hydropower and thermal power engineering. Apart from this, they are also engaged in property development. This company came 7th in the list of Top 250 International Contractors by ENR.

19. Balfour Beatty plc

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Balfour Beatty is also one of the top civil engineering companies, with its services spanning from structural design, strengthening, repair, as well as construction projects and mechanical and electrical engineering. In 2018, it was ranked as the biggest construction contractor in the US, with revenue of £8405 million (as of 2019).

20. Eiffage

Top 20 Civil Engineering Companies in the World 3
Image Source: Wikimedia

Eiffage is the third largest of all the civil engineering companies in France as of 2010 and generated revenue of €14 billion as of 2012. This is an engineering firm that focuses on infrastructural projects and residential construction. Notable projects include the Copenhagen Metro and Cestas Solar Park.

Eiffage offers training and professional development, apart from internships and job offers, for which you can apply through their website.

These are a handful of the best civil engineering companies and construction firms. To find out more of such high performing companies, check out ENR’s Top 250 Global Contractors, and the Top 250 International Contractors. Almost all of these companies offer opportunities for fresh graduates, professionals, craftspersons, as well as students.
Their internships are noteworthy and add a certain air to your resume.

Therefore, by honing your skills and learning new and useful tools, you may land yourselves with a great internship/ job that might kickstart your career in construction or civil engineering companies.

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