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Top 7 Tom and Jerry Funniest Episodes of All Time 

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Are you looking for Tom and Jerry Funniest Episodes? Then you’ve come to the right place where you’ll find the top funniest episodes of the toon world i.e., Tom and Jerry.

When it comes to cartoons, Tom and Jerry are one of the best. I remember growing up watching Tom and Jerry shows and movies that were made around it. It was a full-on blast of fun, adventure, and a string of laughter. I still watch Tom and Jerry whenever I feel low and want to laugh myself out of it.

Some of you might already be aware of how therapeutic qualities, and for some, it might come as a shock. To the people in shock, go try this out. But only after you finish reading this article to learn Tom and Jerry Funniest Episodes of All Time.

Some people question what is funny about a cat and mouse running behind each other? That’s the thing the show is much more than just running around. That you’ll understand once you watch the show instead of judging it.

‘Tom and Jerry’ is one of the most loved and watched animated American shows. There are a few short movies introduced by Joseph Barbera and William Hanna. And was first produced by MGM cartoons and won many awards for it.

Around 114 Tom and Jerry’s episodes were aired by MGM from 1940-1958. During which the cartoon claimed its own space in the cartoon world. MGM also continued the series during the early 1960s by releasing 13 more short films for Rembrandt Films.

Later, there were many sequels and spin-offs such as The Tom and Jerry Show, Tom and Jerry Comedy Show, and Tom and Jerry Tales. The Tom and Jerry Show is the most-watched out of all animations.

It had been almost 80 years since Tom and Jerry were released for the first time. And love and enthusiasm of infants, children, teens, and even adults had not died down a bit for the show. The fact that it has been 80 years and the animated series still stands is a testimony in itself.

Nevertheless, critics in the last few decades had argued the credibility as an appropriate show for children or not due to the amount of violence depicted in the show, which is true. We all are acutely aware of the intensity of violence and feelings of revenge used in the show.

But then again do cat and mouse in real life act the way Tom and Jerry do? Or do they even look like Tom and Jerry? The fact that it is an animated cartoon which is supposed to make you laugh nothing more than that.

Is it necessary that everything created for a child should’ve hidden morale or a sneaky way to educate them? Can’t things just exist for fun and play?

Now, without any further delay, let’s get started with Tom and Jerry Funniest Episodes of All Time.

I hope you enjoy reading Tom and Jerry Funniest Episodes of All Time.

Happy Reading! 😊

Top 7 Tom and Jerry Funniest Episodes of All Time


1. Of Feline Bondage (Season 1960 – Episode 26)

Tom & Jerry Funniest Episodes

The first on our list of Tom and Jerry Funniest Episodes of All Time is Of Feline Bondage. From Season 1960, Episode-26 which aired on 26th April 1965.

The episode is super fun and exciting as a mousy-Fairy Godmother sort o. She presents Jerry with a potion of magical qualities to help him get invisible. And hence starts the usual frenemy feud of teasing and catching each other by overcoming the hurdles in between.

Jerry takes full advantage of his invisibility. He picks up a pair of scissors and chases Tom around and cuts his fur. As the enchantment of the potion wears off, Jerry becomes visible again. Of course, now it was Tom’s turn to chase him around and to his Jerry’s fur off.

2. The Cat Concerto (Season 1940, Episode 29)

Tom & Jerry Funniest Episodes

The Cat Concerto in Season 1940, Episode 29, is second on our list of Tom and Jerry Funniest Episodes. It aired in April 1947. As the title of the episode tells us, it is a cat concerto. Where we see Tom in all his glory, wearing a tuxedo is ready to play the piano.

Tom begins to play the piano. The high pitched melody wakes up Jerry, who is sound asleep inside the piano.

Then, starts their teasing and tormenting wherein Jerry tampers with the felts of the keys from inside the piano. And the angry Tom plays so hard on the keys that it bounces Jerry up and down. Also, this short has been voted to be on number 42 0f 50 best Cartoon Films & Shorts.

3. Ah, Sweet Mouse-Story of Life (Season 1960 – Episode 20)

Tom & Jerry Funniest Episodes

The third episode on our list of Tom and Jerry Funniest Episodes is Ah, Sweet Mouse-Story of Life. From Season 1960, Episode 20 and it aired in January 1965 for the first time.

This episode includes a lot of commuting wherein Tom and Jerry move fast. A funny race to make you all laugh out of all your problems.

They continuously try to move forward than the other one to win the race. Both try to create hurdles for each other, falling and shooting things on each other. The funniest part is that Tom sounds like a race car, while Jerry seems like a train.

4. The Flying Cat (Season 1950, Episode 17)

Tom & Jerry Funniest Episodes

The fourth episode on our list of top Tom and Jerry Funniest Episodes is the flying cat. It was initially released in January 1952 in Season 1950, Episode 17.

The episode is entertaining to watch as Tom runs around chasing Jerry and a singing canary. Unfortunately, for Tom, both of them climb up high on a tree and seek refuge in the canary’s birdhouse.

No matter what Tom tries, he fails miserably again and again to catch the two of them. During one of his attempts, a lace gets attached to him, which gives him an idea. The idea to use it as wings to fly high and finally catch the two culprits. While the other two were having fun at his failures before.


5. Jerry and the Lion (Season 1950, Episode 4)

Tom and Jerry Funniest Episodes

Jerry and the Lion are next on our list of Top 7 Tom and Jerry Funniest Episodes of All Time. It was released for the first time in April 1950 in Season 1950, Episode 4.

Like, all the episodes of Tom and Jerry, this one also leaves its viewers laughing their ass off.

Upon hearing that a Lion is on loose, both Tom and Jerry are worried and scared. Tom starts his preparation in case he meets the lion. He dons his hunting costume. Tom is ready with his rifle to fight the lion if need be.

Jerry suddenly finds the lion in their house and turns out he is a friendly fellow. This allows Jerry to pull a prank on Tom. With the help of the lion, they trick him into thinking he’s an angry lion out for blood.

6. Sleepy-Time Tom (Season 1950, Episode12)

The next episode in top 7 Tom and Jerry’s funniest Episode is Sleepy-Time Tom, which aired in May 1951. Tom was out all-night partying with his friends until the dawn. Returning home, he found himself sleepy, unable to concentrate on his day job.

Unfortunately, his owner catches him sleeping upon a window. And gives him a lecture on how he is failing to do his job i.e., keeping Jerry away from the food.

As he fails to do it, now she has to do it, making her work harder. She gives him a last warning threatening to throw him out if he didn’t do his job correctly.

He was taking advantage of the situation Jerry uses every opportunity to encourage Tom to back to sleep. All the while, poking him and laughing at his position.

7. Much Ado About Mousing (Season 1960, Episode 17)

Tom and Jerry Funniest Episodes

The last and the seventh on our list is Much Ado About Mousing from season 1960, Episode 17. It initially aired in January 1964. This my and my Lil brother’s favorite episode among all, making us laugh until we forget our names.

A dog rescues Jerry from Tom’s captivity. After this, he presents him with a whistle to blow every time he needs his help, and he will show up.

Basically, like a genie, he will appear to his rescue. Tom using his smartness by putting a pair of earmuffs on the asleep dog. And then plans to chase Jerry and capture him again.

In the end, Jerry comes wearing those very earmuffs. Now, now what will happen to poor Tom.

Writing this article helped to gain a lot of history and information and development of our all-time favorite show. You are watching Tom and Jerry turn your bad day into a good day without asking for any favors. How often does that happen?

Without a doubt, the world of cartoons and animation. I wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t for the creators of Tom and Jerry.

Tom and Jerry’s show for the last 80 years approximately has never failed to make anyone laugh. It is an animated series produced for people of all ages. (Ages like age and Era)

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I hope you enjoyed reading the Tom and Jerry Funniest Episodes article. Please let us know in the comments below also, if you have some additions or list of your own of Tom and Jerry Funniest Episodes. Please share in the comments.

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