The poem depicts how everything comes to an end. Be it good or bad. A lesson is to be learned that we should have patience when the times are hard, as they will surely pass. Also, we should remember that the good times will also end.

Looking at the night sky
Full of dazzling stars
With no clouds to hide them
And no rain to keep them apart
They twinkle as if in rhythm with the ticking clock
My eyes glued to them as if in awe
But suddenly, a realization dawned
That this too shall pass.

Trusting someone and being betrayed
Now I can see it clearly
But it is too late.
Like rivers and streams, my tears are coming out
As if my soul has left me
And it is only guilt that surrounds them.
I’m tired and want everything to stop
But then a hope-filled my heart
That this too shall pass.

A close up of a woman crying
By Chris Harwood/ Shutterstock

The earth and the sky are meeting at the horizon.
A red light visible above the mountains, through the trees
Relishing the dusk hour with a cup of tea
I can feel on my face a silent and gentle breeze
I wish this time would slow down and forever last
But then a realization dawned
That this too shall pass

Be it the rains, be it the sun
Be it a smile, be it some fun
Things I lost, things that went wrong
Things I didn’t say, thinking that I had time
But before that, God took away my life.
For all the things I adored
And all the things I didn’t
At last

Everything has passed.



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