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Top 5 Crazy Laws in Some Countries

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Laws are imposed in a country to maintain law and order for the easy living of its citizens. Every country has got its set of laws depending upon its past culture and current needs. But the reality is that the law makers are also humans, so there is a large probability of them coming up with some stupid laws to maintain discipline in their ways based on their personal experience or psychology.

There is also a strong chance that the laws made according to some past needs have become worthless and needs to be reformed but no one bothered doing that, and so it may seem funny to us in today’s World. It can also be that the-the laws which satisfy the needs of the citizens of one country may seem stupid to those who never faced such situations. So the laws can be as crazy as some below:

1.North Carolina:

LAW: Bingo games cannot last for more than 5 hours.

Bingo game
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The policy makers are surely very time concerned; they don’t want their citizens to waste much time playing games. Surely our country is also following their footsteps that’s why we have reduced our cricket game from one day 50 over the match to 3 hours 20 over the match. The World is becoming time conscious.


LAW: Chickens are not allowed to cross the road.


The authorities must surely be thinking of making separate areas for chickens with only one road side because if the chickens cross they will be accused and no doubt that we all should learn discipline from these chickens that the country made rules for chickens and we Indian’s can’t make strict ones for even humans.


LAW: Dogs may not bark after 6 PM.

Dog walking on the side walk
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So now if you have a dog ask the instructor to teach dogs to stay quite after its 6 or else its against the laws. Why has world become so unsympathetic towards animals? Why aren’t there any fundamental rights for them?


LAW: It is considered as an offense to shower naked.

Now the authorities expect you to wear your clothes while you take the shower. The officials must be surely planning to enter into your bathrooms to check if you follow the laws. My God!!! what law?


LAW: A person may not be seen in public without a smile.

Smiling faces
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The country is now trying to spread positivity in the nation by making it mandatory to smile. So now if you had a terrible day and wanna cry hard, remember to keep smiling because this is what the law says.

So going through all these laws, don’t you think that we are very lucky to not have such far sighted policy makers in our country.

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