Top 10 Things That Can Be Expected From BJP Now!

Congress vs BJP
Top 10 Things That Can Be Expected From BJP Now! 1

BJP- ruling against Congress

The Bharatiya Janata party won the election with an enormous majority in nearly on the parliamentary seats all around the country. It is a clean sweep victory and Bharatiya Janata Party has made history by doing it for consecutive two lok sabha elections. Voters were also immensely active and participated in the voting process with full enthusiasm and energy. A hike was seen in the number of voters casting their vote. And why not because they had to cast their power to elect the leaders who will eventually work for their benefits and development.

Everyone wants something, be it proper economy, social and education system, development in terms of health and medicine and many more areas. Due to a rising demand in the requirements of the youth, that are the standing pillar of any country and also because of various campaigns and awareness missions, people all around the country are, were and will be motivated to cast their identity as a self aware and responsible citizen of India.

For majority, 272 seats were needed but Bharatiya Janata party managed to win over 303 seats in the parliament. This is a historical event because no other political party in the history of Indian democratic elections has ever returned to power with such a huge majority of seats in the parliament twice.

The interview with Mr Narendra Modi took place where he made a statement that voting is mandate for new India. If someone has won then it’s our country and the democracy of this country that has finally won. With this great win of Bharatiya Janata party, expectations are also very high by the public for the upcoming government.

Without wasting any more time, let us see the 10 important things that can be expected from Bharatiya Janata party, now when they are in power and in the government.

1. Jobs

Top 10 Things That Can Be Expected From BJP Now! 2


This is one of the most debated issue for any government to deal with. In the last ruling phase, Bharatiya Janata party’s government created a large number of job vacancies for people of India in various areas. Many schemes like mudra scheme, startup scheme etc. employed many citizens and promoted self employment as well. It can be expected that the government will continue to come up with more fascinating and practical schemes for even more increase in the employment rates and creation of more eccentric job opportunities

2. Sabarimala

The problem and concern related to Sabarimala in Kerala is also being included into the election document of BJP for the very first time. This case remained in news for a lot and garnered a lot of attention. They have promised to endeavour to secure the constitutional prevention on issues related to the faith and belief that is mentioned in the manifesto.

3. Taxation

Top 10 Things That Can Be Expected From BJP Now! 3


The government has not said anything directly addressing the tax issues. But the party for sure has new guidelines issued in February to simplify the process of defining startups. The very updated and advanced form can be expected in the field of taxation.

4. Citizenship Amendment Bill-

BJP wants to legislate this bill in the parliament. There is a lot of protests connected to this in the Northeastern states. Their aim is to bring this bill into action for the protection of individuals that belong to religious minority from neighbouring countries. They even will consider the issues stated by the northeastern citizens and will work accordingly in the implementation of the citizenship amendment Bill.

5. Article 35-

Along with all the other possible promises, bringing article 35 is also a very important point found in BJP’s manifesto. They will harden even more pressure to implement article 35A of Constitution which give the state’s, here Jammu and Kashmir, permanent residents special provisions and rights.

6. Education-

Top 10 Things That Can Be Expected From BJP Now! 4


This being one of the most important field, because it built the youth of any country, needed to be given high importance. The party has promised to make some improvements and some implementations for the students out there. Establishing separate testing bodies and provisions is one of their important promise. They aim to cover all the secondary schools around the nation under operation digital board.

7. Health-

Top 10 Things That Can Be Expected From BJP Now! 5

Healthy life

Their election document promises for the establishment of at least one medical College and hospital or postgraduate medical College and hospital in every district to let the citizens have access to medical facilities easily and comfortably and also to create more doctors, whose numbers are very less in our country.

8. Foreign relations and affairs-

BJP is planning to set up a University of foreign policy which will focus on increasing the academic and practical knowledge along with research for the students regarding foreign affairs and building international relations. The involvement by the government will be increased globally. Various experts will be employed for building ordered and structural framework for the same.

9. Road infrastructure-

The party is planning to increase the maintenance of roads by rebuilding completely damaged roads, improving less destroyed ones and also building new ones to connect to various untouched areas of our country. Construction of clean and beautiful highways along with the roads of rural area, both are decided to be given equal importance and equal weightage. Not only this, modernization of railway stations under smart City plan and airports will also be achieved to greater advantage.

10. Poverty-

Top 10 Things That Can Be Expected From BJP Now! 6


Plan is to bring down the poverty rate of number of families to a great extent and that to a single digit percentage value. Basic amenities such as food, electricity, clean water, proper sanitation, security, cheap education and a lot of other things will be provided in order to achieve one goal that is reduction in poverty rate.
Along with these 10 major areas there are many other areas or elements promise by the government related to economics, youth opportunities, farmers, water conservation and development both infrastructually and diplomatically.


Any government when comes in ruling then the real test begins. The public starts to analyse because, if the promises and the demands are not fulfilled, the party might not return to power in the next election. The party also realises that this is very important because of which they try to work according to their promises. We vote and choose so we should try to believe in our choices because it can eventually turn out to be okay and good. Always remember we are the one having the power to vote and to select, so never choose not to and always fulfill your duty as a responsible citizen.

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