Why Does This Japanese Train Has a Stop Just for One Passenger?

Why Does This Japanese Train Has a Stop Just for One Passenger? 1
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(source: https://www.facebook.com/cctvnewschina/posts/1109784289062390)


  • To have a private car is cool.
  • To have a private plane is cooler…
  • But to have private RAILWAY STATION where the train stops just for you, is beyond coolness. It is a DREAM!!!!!

A young Japanese girl studying in high school has this privilege because the train stops just to bring her to school until her graduation.

Kami-Shirataki train station is where this high school girl is the only passenger waiting every day for the train to bring her to and from the school for the past three years. 

The train is scheduled at the station of this small village of northernmost island of Hokkaido at 7:04 am and at 17:08, the train comes back to this rural part of Japan. Exactly according to the girl’s need.


(source: https://www.facebook.com/cctvnewschina/posts/1109784289062390)


Three years ago, the Japan Railway (JR) had decided to close the train station because of its remote location. However, they took back their decision due to the fact that the young girl is taking this train every day to go to her high school. The existence of the train station is vital for her and her education.

For years, the railway station was used just by her and the company of Japan Railway decided to keep the train till the young girl is not graduated. She will graduate on March 26, 2016. Then the station will be closed.


(source: https://www.facebook.com/cctvnewschina/posts/1109784289062390)

Under this news, on Facebook, one of the comments is very accurately describing the reasons behind the decision to keep the station till the girl needs:

“That is because every reasonable government ought to know the academic, economy, political, etc., values of a student in her country……
Japan is seeing this (individual) as a long term investment, so, they don’t see every fuel or gas burnt on that root as a waste because, it will eventually double in future by her quota in the Japanese economy.”

Japan is known as a country that is investing to the youth citizens to give them the best education possible and does not regret any money. This might be impossible in other countries, and very often it is the opposite. Many countries are steadily cancelling the station as well as other types of transportation that are still busy. The reason is usually of economical character and does not relate to the lack of respect to the citizens.


Nevertheless, also, another reason to support youngsters in the country, whether in cities or rural areas. The reason is the constant aging of the Japanese population.

According to the estimates, in about 40 years, this country will lose one-third of its population. This causes the closing of the schools, shrinking of the working positions and empty housings.

Whatever is the reason of the one passenger stop of the train in this rural area of Japan, we still might admire the system of support that citizens of this Asian country enjoy. Respect that the country gives to every Japanese is doubtlessly unique.

Finally, we can just imagine what can happen, if the girl oversleeps…

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