Travel- A journey Towards Making It An Exciting Present.


Travel- A journey towards making it an exciting present.

Imagine a world where you get to live and experience not one but many, many lives. A world where you can taste all kinds of food and meet all kinds of people. A world that helps you discover what the world means to various people around the globe. A world that is full of excitement, fun, and adventure.

Want to bring your imaginations to life?

All you’ve got to do is Travel. So what is the intent of the word travel over here?

We travel every day. We travel by car, scooter, buses, and trains. So what is so great about it, you ask? The word travel means a lot more than a mere reference to commutating from one place to another.

It involves good planning, adapting to situations, and mainly Exploring.

The key is to start small. Charity begins at home, they say. Same way, Explore someplace nearby first. But do it well, Make it exciting. Be open to trying out new things. There is a general opinion that a good travel partner is one of the essential needs for traveling. Here are reasons why that is actually totally the opposite.

One of the great things about travel is meeting people from various places and have them Narrate the History and culture of that particular place. We always have more scope of befriending fellow passengers when we travel on our own.

Also, it teaches us a lot of things. There is a huge difference between traveling alone and traveling independently. The word alone might seem very lonely and isolated. In contrast, the word independent is strong and confident. Traveling on your own to places and learning to figure things out will really give you the time and exposure needed to figure things out on your own whilst having fun too.

It isn’t about the distance you travel or the person you travel with.

It is about that cup of a new flavored tea you taste in the middle of nowhere.

Discovering a sudden scenic view when you were least expecting it.

It is about getting lost in the narrowest of roads and Finding your way back.

“The grass is greener on the other side,” they say.

So why not Explore both sides?

The world is full of places and people waiting just for you to explore and meet.

Go somewhere nearby because there are some nearest places with some exquisite stories waiting to reach you. And all you need to take is you, yourself, and you!

The world is under your Feet. Explore away.


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