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TVF Pitchers Making Its Way To Become The Best Web Series Among Young Indians

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The question who are you, what’s your worth? Triggers everyone. Few come up with an answer and few continue the 9 to 5 drill. The working class of India has a major proportion of its employees who have the million dollar idea but work due to parental pressure, high salaries and a secured future.

The web series flows as freely as beer. The series isn’t about all the people bored of the stereotyped working systems, it’s about the few who are efficient enough to pitch in their idea and turn it into a startup. There are millions of people in this class but don’t get a platform to implement their idea.TVF Pitchers Making Its Way To Become The Best Web Series Among Young Indians 1

Pitchers is mostly a wide reference to pitch- money, ideas. It’s a large beer pitcher from which ideas flow out freely. Naveen, Jitu, Yogi, and Mandal, have high paying and secure jobs in addition what they have is an idea which they brainchild as college students.

Naveen inspired by his senior friend from college, drunk calls his boss and quits over the phone. His friends who trust him blindly quit their jobs too and look forward to the NASCOMM results. Encouraged by making it to the finals these guys invest all their time and money into their idea.

The web series depicts the life of the budding entrepreneurs in India, exploring uncharted territories and fighting various battles of life. While Naveen, Yogi, and Mandal sacrifice their luxuries and personal space, Jitu has his own struggles. He has to deal with his father, his married life, and the never-ending coding sessions.

Naveen is the one taking heavy risks of making all the decisions and he’s the one adding the touch of being logical throughout the show. Yogi is the abusive one on the team but gets shit done. The 4th guy Mandal keeps the team together even in tough times. The one who gets behind them which increases their value 10 fold.

This show is brilliantly written and acted. The works seem very real and raw, probably the reason why TVF Pitchers is reaching millions of viewers. India is craving for a show like this. Every episode is about 40 to 50 minutes which can be binge-watched in a day. It’s a must watch for every Indian and I am sure there is a huge fan base eagerly waiting for the next season.

If you haven’t watched it yet, download the TVFPLAY app and watch all the 5 episodes and share your reviews in the comment section below.

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