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Usefulness of Lemon

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Do you consume lemon? We might not consume lemon directly, after all a lemon is too sour to minimise, but if you ever look at a lemon deeply, you’ll get to know that a lemon had infinite benefits apart from merely using it in juices and different beverages. The following are the uses of lemons that most of us were unaware of:

  • The rinds of lemon act as a perfume and neutralises the foul smell of various eatables in a refrigerator. If one leaves a sliced lemon overnight, inside a refrigerator, the very next day, the foul smell, of certain eatables, ceases automatically.
  • If we squeeze a teaspoon of lemon freshly prepared lemon juice, on white vegetables, before cooking them on gas or microwaves, the veggies won’t lose their whiteness, even after you heat them at high temperature.
  • Lemon acts as a cleanser too. It is perfect cleanser for washing utensils. It is always preferable to wash utensils, especially pressure cookers and kettles, with lemons. To remove the mineral deposits, you must fill the utensil with water and boil the utensil after adding thin sliced lemon inside the utensil. This is the reason why every dish washer contains lemon in it.
  • Lemons can act as stain remover too. Apart from dish washing, they can be used while washing clothes too. If one rubs a lemon slice over the stain of cloth and leaves it soaked in water overnight, the next morning you’ll surprisingly find the stains disappear from the clothes.
  • Lemon has its medicinal effects on a human too. It is a remedy to minimize asthma and hence give a little relief from the symptoms of asthma.                               Lemon-Whole-Split
  • It is used as a disinfectant in fruits and vegetables to kill the pesticides that might cause diseases ad health-related problems later in future.
  • Lemon is used to remove tan and dark circles from your skin and hence enhance beauty. Apart from tan and dark circles remover, it also acts as a moisturiser, bleach, blackhead remover, shine eliminator, nail straightener, hair lightener, skin brightener and many more beauty effects.

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