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War of the Water.

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Palestine is being destroyed and tortured in every possible way now. As if already Palestine was not in much trouble that now some parts of the city has not received water for at least the past 40 days according to the executive director of the Palestinian Hydrology Group, an NGO focusing on water and sanitation issues.


Apparently Israel has cut off the water supply to Palestine, and it is “waging a water war against the Palestine” , as said by the office of Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah.

“Israel wants to prevent Palestinians from leading a dignified life and uses its control over our water resources to this end; while illegal Israeli settlements enjoy uninterrupted water service, Palestinians are forced to spend great sums of money to buy water that is theirs in the first place,” Hamdallah said in the statement.


Cutting off water and food supply is the worst way to act out. Recently when Haryana cut off the water supply to Delhi, the whole city came to a standstill. What more? This is the holy month of Ramadan where people are fasting all day to receive no water to break the fast. Tens of thousands of Palestinians are without access to safe drinking water.



As if it was not enough to usurp Palestine of its land and natural resources that now they are scraping them off their right to water. Jamal Dajani, director of strategic media and communications at the prime minister’s office, called Mekorot’s practice “inhumane and outrageous.” People are buying water now to survive or find alternative sources of water like springs and other filling points in their vicinity.


However Mekorot, Israel’s National Water Company, denied cutting the water supplies to large parts of the occupied West Bank, saying there was only broad reduction in water supply to the Palestinians.

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Due to the shortage of water supply in West Bank, Mekorot cut water supply to all parts of the city. The water authority recently approved a master plan for the water sector and accordingly we will build the systems that will meet the West Bank’s required consumption” according to Mekorot.


Whatever be the case, Water being an essential part of life should not be denied to anyone.

Save Water, Live Longer.


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