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Ways People Procrastinate

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Let’s admit it, most of us procrastinate. It’s almost like we are used to not doing our work on time. We need to waste at least a few hours doing useless crap before finally starting the work. Maybe, we just work better when the deadline is dangerously near. Or maybe, we just do not know how to value time.

Here’s a list of the most common and fun ways people procrastinate.

  • Taking a nap- The best thing to do when there’s too much work is to take a nap. There’s always enough time to take a nap. Even when the deadline’s just a few hours away.


  • Cleaning one’s room- Many feel the need to be in a clean environment to work properly. They think it won’t take them much time. But then, cleaning one’s room will inevitably lead them to find things they have lost years back. How can one be expected to work when exciting things like this happen?


  • Making sure others don’t get to work too- One can obviously not let their friends work when they are not doing the same. One can send long voice notes, interesting yet useless articles, cat videos to their friends to make sure they do not get ahead with their work.


  • Taking a break to eat- Good food is a solution to almost everything. When one is stressed about all the work they have to do, eating something can be comforting and cheers one up instantly!


  • Arranging the things required for doing the work- Buying stationery before an upcoming exam, writing down the name of the chapters to study- that’s the only fun part about every exam ever. Actually studying for the test? That can wait.


  • Listening to music- You tell yourself that you are going to listen to two-three songs to refresh your mind. You realise that you have an amazing playlist and the songs which you usually skip suddenly sound so good. You cannot just stop at three songs.


  • Daydreaming- Even staring at the wall can become interesting when we need to do some work. Your mind wanders away and you sit there staring at nothing in particular.


  • Scrolling down one’s Facebook news feed- If you are working on your laptop and your Facebook is open on another tab, you are surely going to find something extremely interesting which will demand all of your attention. Ironically, this is exactly what I was doing while writing this article.

Ways People Procrastinate 1

Happy procrastinating!

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