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What Aliens May Look Like?

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There are various thoughts regarding the appearance of the Aliens. Many don’t even believe in the existence of the aliens many believe them to have a human-like appearance. A very commonly known or seen kind of Alien is the Grey Alien; it is believed that 43% of the Aliens encounters describe them to have grey colored skin.


Various witness and authors have put up different claims; one such was in 1961 by Barney and Betty, an American couple who were abducted by the Aliens in New Hampshire for a day. They lead to the origin of the idea of Grey Aliens. They are typical grey skinned beings with human-like appearance and lack external organs as the nose, ear, sex organs, but have small openings for ear and nose. There limbs have a different form from humans and are even shorter. They grey skinned being have big hairless head and large eyes like a Bug-eyed monster. The American couple brought the Greys to international attention.


Author H.G.Wells described the Grey skinned creature even before the abduction of the Hills. He described them to be human like creatures with grey colored skin, dark bulgy eyes, big heads and wasp stings. Wells even claimed them to be hairy.

hg wells

Another view as given by the Swedish novelist through his book “Den okanda faran” using his pen name Gabriel Linde. This novel targeted the young readers, and the illustrations were that of the imagined Aliens. His views were different from the other two as he described them to have a different race from humans though their limbs were illustrated to be like humans. According to him, they are short and have a big bald head with a strong square shaped forehead, a very small nose and mouth and weak chin. He described their eyes as large and dark with a sharp gaze.


There are reports that include to groups of greys which differ in their heights. Some researchers assume the taller Greys to be superior with more authority and powers. They are thought to have a more complex psychology and probably the only type who are biologically alive. Others who are the shorter ones may be artificial robots to assist their master. They are depicted to have different skin colors that are similar to grey or in some cases no grey at all. Their skins are such that they resemble to be made up of artificial material like rubber or plastic.

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