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What Does Your Face Say About Your Fortune?

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According to Chinese culture, the basic fortune and Destiny of a person’s life can be interpreted by their face. A person’s facial features and bone structure is said to reveal the future of a person.

The success received by an individual in life is analysed based on the features, build and the overall symmetry of the face. This process is done by the Chinese belief in the energy of yang chi. The head and the face are the main ingredients, the main essence of yang chi. The yang energy in the face must be strong and only then would it indicate a great success and fortune.

The head of an individual must be checked for yang bone structure. The facial bones reveal a life of prosperity and greatness. Whereas, the face of the individual reveals clues to the riches gained by him. If the individual possesses these yang energies, it means that lady luck has bestowed her blessings on them. It means that they will have a bright future filled with wealth and success.

Based on the studies of yang chi and face reading, the face of a person is divided into various “palaces.” These palaces are further studies in great detail to obtain an accurate reading of a person’s fortune. The face is divided into two parts that indicate a good fortune which are the nose and the forehead. If both of these have alot of firmness then it indicates towards a life of riches.

The forehead of a person is a very important “palace” of face reading. The forehead reveals the good or bad fortune in terms of wealth. A good forehead with form skin reveals greatness in public life and a good reputation.

The nose is the other most important “palace.”  Though, society longs for small noses, a huge nose which is fleshy indicates towards a great amount of wealth.

However, not everything is bright and good. The face also gives clues about the bad luck in the life of an individual. This bad luck is indicated by the presence of black moles, discoloring or any indents present on the face. The presence of these along the bridge of the nose indicate accidents at the age between 40 and 50.

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