It was almost 5320 BC when someone on this planet discovered this magical dry fruit. In North Africa and the Middle East is a staple item in the food plate. It has great macronutrients great for your overall health. 


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Definition Of Dates


On the date palm trees, this fruit is grown. The biological name of dates is Phoenix Dactylifera. It comes under the dry fruit category. It is tasty and nutritious. In the parts of the Middle East area, dates are auspicious as a cultural tradition. 


It contains natural sugar. The content of the calorie of dried dates is much more than fresh dates. So, it would be best if you ate dates to get the maximum health benefits of dates.


Local farmers harvest these dates. They even export dates all around the globe. The quality of dates matter in the price of dates in the international market. The more soft and juicy iris, the more expensive and rare quality it is.


The farmers harvest it in bunches, and they grow in the pattern of clusters. In the Islam religion, it is the staple diet. In the time of fasting Ramzan month, it the opening item of the fast. 


The reason is simple; it has lots of vitamins and minerals and includes the health benefits of dates. The following are the benefits of dates:


Nutritious Fruit


Dates are rich in carbs and fiber. It is one of the reasons that it is healthy fruit in the entire world. It is loaded with vitamins and essential nutrients. It is full of antioxidants. It reduces the risk of heart health.


It even prevents cancer because of its antioxidant properties. Also, it has properties like anti mutagenic and anti-carcinogenic.


1. Brain Function Healthy

 With ages, some people have Alzheimer’s disease. Dates are good for brain health. It keeps the nerves of the brain in an excellent condition. The anti-inflammatory properties in the dates are good for proper brain function. 


If you are someone who is suffering from anxiety, then having dates will be a great help. It improves learning and memory power. 


2. Good For Skin


When there are less vitamin C and D in your body, your skin loses its elasticity. It is proven that dates improve skin elasticity. The anti-aging properties restore the skin. 


3. Improves Bowel Movement


Constipation is a big problem which no one wants to talk about. Irregular bowel movements can bring many types of health issues shortly. Dates can improve the problem in the intestine. 


If you have seven dates in a single day, it can reduce your intestinal problem and regulate your bowel movement. It helps in stool production that keep your intestine clean and healthy. 


Hence, it would be perfect for the overall diet. You can live a healthy lifestyle if you regularly consume dates in your dirt. Consider it as one of the best health benefits of dates.


Amazing Health Benefits Of Dates 2


4. Rich In Protein


When you lose some muscle and tissue in the gym, it is obvious that dates help you restore muscle loss and make it strong for you. It has lots of protein that keeps you fit and healthy.


5. Bone Health Improvement

Dates are rich in magnesium, selenium, copper, and manganese. It prevents osteoporosis and keeps the bone healthy. 


6. Rich In Antioxidants


It helps in the elimination of free radicals that produce due to oxidization. These free radicals harm your body. Oxidization can harm the genetic structure of the cells.


Dates haves carotenoids that improve heart health. It also has flavonoids, which are great in properties like an anti-inflammatory. It controls the blood sugar level and improves the condition of diabetes. Phenolic acid in dates improves the health of the heart, reduces cancer properties. 


7. Lowers Your Cholesterol


Dates do not have cholesterol. If you include dates in your diet in a small amount, it does not affect you. It keeps checking on your cholesterol level. Include dates in diet, and you can witness its benefits. 


8.  Iron Content Is High


If you are suffering from iron deficiency, then dates are the best solution for you. You can include dates in our everyday diet and enjoy its health benefit.


9. Relieve From Hard Drink Hangover


Did you still feel the hangover from your weekend party, and you have a meeting with the client in just an hour? Gulp down some dates. They are amazing to reduce your hangover. The fructose in dates helps you reduce the hangover feeling. 


10. Improves Normal Delivery


If you consume dates regularly during your pregnancy, then there is a high chance that you will go for a natural delivery. The Health benefits of dates make the process of natural delivery smooth. 


C-sect delivery sometimes causes many problems in the future. One of the Health benefits of dates is that it prepares your body for a natural delivery. Including dates in a pregnant woman’s regular diet can reduce the delivery pressure that a woman needs to give while in labor.


Some Questions Answered


1. Having dates will make us fat?


Answer: Dates have a natural sweetener called fructose, which can make you fat. But, if you eat dates in moderation with other foods, then it promotes weight loss. In such a situation, there is no question of weight gain. 


2. Which quality dates are good?


Dates are available in various qualities. But, Medjool dates are the one which is great in quality. They are tasty, nutritious, and healthy. You must buy this date fruit to enjoy its benefits.


3. Are dates good for blood sugar levels?


If all the foods you eat have a high Glycemic Index, it can spike your blood sugar level. The dates, however, help to reduce the blood sugar level and keeps your health in check. 


Detail Nutrition In Dates


In per 100 gm of dates, you will get 282 calories. It will have 2.5 gm of protein and 75 gm of carbs. The sugar is 64 gms, and the fiber is 8 p gm. You will get 3% of DV of calcium. You will iron of 6%, potassium of 14%, copper of 23%, vitamin B6 of 10%, folate is 6% of DV.


The natural sweetness in dates is high. Hence, it would be best if you always had dates in perfect moderation. Then you will get the best health benefits of dates. 


When Is The Best Time To Eat Dates


To get the best health benefits of dates, probably eat dates when you feel hungry. Early morning at breakfast, you can enjoy having dates. It has fiber and natural sweetness. You can feel satisfied and full all through the morning.


You can even have it as an afternoon snack. The natural sweetness slowly raises the blood sugar and keeps you energized. Whenever you feel hungry, you can have dates. It has fiber, which is high and keeps you satisfy when hungry.


If you are hungry, but there is time for your next meal, have dates with delicious peanut butter. You are getting protein, fiber, and carbs for your body. Overall, it is great for your body. 


Are you a fitness freak? Then dates are a superb source of sugar; it raises mood sugar slowly, and you feel energetic while doing exercise. 1 hour to half an hour before your workout, you can have two to four dates. 


Dates are even good as a bedtime snack because of the fiber in it. Fiber takes time to digest, and it keeps you full. You do not have to wake up in the middle of the night for hunger pangs. 


Why Should You Have Dates In The Morning?


Well, dates have many properties, and your body absorbs dates well in the morning. On an empty stomach, dates are much more intensified. It becomes a big tank of vitamins and energy. Hence, one person will get more Health benefits from dates during the morning. 


If you want to lose weight but want to maintain a healthy diet, you must regularly eat dates. Therefore, it is a powerhouse of many minerals and vitamins. So, do not miss the chance of having dates early morning.


Know About Dry Dates


If you are a dry date lover, you must know that they are calorie high fruit. If you want to remain slim and trim, control your dry dates portion. 


Dry dates are rich in protein and fiber, which keeps your body healthy. Also, they have a wonderful source of vitamin C and calcium. 

Dry dates do not have moisture. Therefore, it looks hard, and they have shrink skin. Dry dates are popular during Indian festivals and Pujas. To open the fast, this is the most preferred dry fruit in all religions.


You should include dates in your diet regularly. It will give you a power pack return and keeps you healthy in the long run. As per medical advice, you should have dates to keep your bone and heart fit and fine.


Recipes Made With Dates


1.    Oats Dates Ladoo


Take two cups of rolled oats, peanuts, desi ghee, and soaked dates overnight. Toss the rolled oats in the heated pan till it turns little brown, and you get a pleasant aroma. Toss peanuts and remove skin and keep aside.


Now, grind the oats into a fine powder, grind the peanuts into a fine powder. Remove the seeds from the dates and now grind the dates into a fine paste. Take a plate, add oats powder, peanut powder, and dates paste. Mix all the ingredients nicely.


Now, apply desi ghee on the palm and take a small amount to make nice and neat balls. After making all the laddoos, you can dip them one by one into grinder coconut to give that coconut flavor to your oats dates laddoo. You can keep the laddoos in the glass jar and refrigerate it for 10-15 days.


Amazing Health Benefits Of Dates 3


2. Oats Dates Smoothie


It is the best breakfast smoothie that you can have if you want a healthy diet. It is one of the best, considering the health benefits of dates. All you need is oats, 1 banana, 2-3 dates (without sends), and a bit of milk.


Put all the ingredients in the blender and make a yummy, delicious, healthy breakfast smoothie. Dates keeps you full for a long time. 


Amazing Health Benefits Of Dates 4


3. Dates Halwa (pudding) 


Remove the seeds of the dates and finely chop them. Soak the chopped dates in warm water. After it becomes soft, grind it into a fine paste. In a pan, transfer the paste and stir properly. Add ghee slowly and stir nicely. 


Add cardamom powder for flavor. In a different pan, add ghee and fry some chopped cashews. Once you see that the dates start to roll like a ball, your halwa is ready. Now, serve the dates halwa with some beautiful brownish aromatic cashews.


4. Sweet Sour Dates Chutney


For this chutney, you need tamarind, dates, chili powder, and asafoetida. Take a bowl of water, mix the dates and tamarind, and simmer for about 20 minutes. Then cool the mixture, then grind into a fine paste. 


Strain the water from the mixture with the help of a sieve. Now, refrigerate the chutney and have it whenever you like it. The sweet-sour taste of the chutney makes the best combination for Indian lunch and dinner.


Health benefits of dates


5. Dates Cookies


Take all-purpose flour in a bowl, add a pinch of baking soda, eggs as per required, liquid butter, powder cinnamon, finely chopped dates. Mix all the ingredients and make a not too solid, not to the liquid batter.


Preheat your oven, grease the cookie sheet with liquid butter. Then, take a round spoon and add the batter to the cookie sheet tray. Now bake them for 10 minutes. Please take out the cookie tray and let it cool for 5 minutes. Now, enjoy the date cookie with your coffee. The Health benefits of dates are tremendous.


If you still think whether dates are good for your health or not, look no further and add dates to your diet. The Health benefits of dates will keep your health in check.



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