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What Happens After Death?

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None of us would die if we were given an option. The word “death” itself fills up with terror and strikes us in a state of trauma. We all attempt to break out from the state of loss of life, and even if death tries to make us imperceptible, we struggle till we exhale out the last few breath of our lives.

Despite all our efforts and precautions, we cannot overlook the fact that death is an uninvited guest that can knock on any living creature’s door at any point in time and make the person a lifetime prisoner.

We are all conscious of mortality, but do we have any hint of how life turns out after death? The concept of life after death has dissimilar views from diverse people across the entire universe. The subsequent points are different theories of life after death.

  • Spiritual Realm– Every physical carcass is constituted of a soul that is immortal while a person’s body is mortal. After a person passes away, the physical corpse of the person is either burned up or buried after performing death ceremonies and respected rituals according to different religions. Although our mortal corpse loses its life after death our spirits remain immortal, travel unidentified and invisible, and at the end, regain their physical state with newly revived consciousness and fresh carcass.

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  • Heaven and Hell– Every person’s noble as well as sinful deeds are recorded in a list by Almighty God, and it is He who decides whether a person must be rewarded or punished, by his behavior on earth, during his entire lifetime. A person is endowed with rewards or castigation equal to the deeds, (good or bad) he has committed.

If a human being has conducted respectable deed in his lifetime, he is sent to Heaven where he gets connected to God and angels and spends his afterlife with amusement and contentment, whereas, if a person does sinful acts in his existence, he is propelled to Hell after death, where he is penalized and is counted among the wicked persons that ever existed on earth, demons.


  • Limbo– Limbo is an intermediate state for innocent souls where neither enters the gate of Heaven or Hell. This condition exists for those who have been neutral throughout their life or for infants who die at a very early stage.
  • Rebirth– According to the theory of rebirth, a person’s life ends after death and his life cycle again initiates after millions of years, by rebirth, with fresh physical features as well as new consciousness.
  • Scientific theory– by scientific theory, a human being’s life ends up entirely after decease and new human beings replace them generation after generation by the process of reproduction. Every person has a distinct identity, and so every infant is born with unique attributes and behavior.

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It is yet not well-stated and proved that which of the theory relevantly depicts what happens to a human being after he loses his life. No matter how’s life after death, we must always enjoy our lives to the fullest and must be grateful for getting the opportunity to make a difference on earth by your noble deeds. Don’t ever disgrace or end your existence for trivial concerns.

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