What US Should Do, If North Korea Tests Again

What US Should Do, If North Korea Tests Again 1

What US Should Do, If North Korea Tests Again 2

There has been no provocation from North Korea post-September 9, but America is very much anxious to decide how to react if North Korea demonstrate without doubt that they can reach the American territory of Guam, or even a distance equivalent to striking the West Coast of the mainland of US.

Here are few options in front of Donald Trump regarding his steps if Kim tests again and its downsides:

  1. A Pre-emptive Strike

The American bombing of an air base allegedly used by the Syrian regime to launch chemical weapons attacks unfolded during a visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping, giving Trump the chance to tell him about it and send an unspoken message about what might happen in North Korea if it crossed its limit.

2. Shooting over the Pacific

If the North Kora missile’s target was Guam or the waters near it, then shooting them down would have been quite legitimate. The first shots will be conducted by Aegis destroyers armed with Standard missiles, which is undoubtedly the most successful anti-missile system in the American arsenal. A THAAD Missile defense system can also be employed. If they by any chance miss the target, it could be very humiliating for trump and the expenditure of $300 Billion will be worthless.

3. Let it Happen

This is what happening since a long time. They track the missile, determine whether it is a threat or not and then let it sink in the sea. This step can be used by Trump, to press China and Russia to drop objections to more UN agreements.

4. Other Options

Obama in 2014, ordered numerous cyber attacks to prevent the launches. But this is unknown whether the cyber attacks were effective or not. US is waiting for the right opportunity and North Korea knows this very well.

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