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What Would You Do If You Won 1000 Lakh Rupees?

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Mofijul Rahima Sheikh, who won the huge prize award of 10m rupees from the Kerala lottery, wants to use that money to build a house. But not everyone would do that. This astounding feat of luck stirred my grey cells prone to daydreaming into action and they concocted plans that would put Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes to shame.

Like Sheikh, for me, the first thing would be to seek police protection till the money was safely in my account. Then I would take my bucket list out and begin ticking one wish after another. It would be similar to getting hold of Aladdin’s magic lamp.


My daydreams:

The first thing I would like to have fulfilled would be to buy a huge house and turn it into a gigantic library with books towering to the ceiling and antique spiral staircases and ladders needed to the reach the topmost shelves. The next thing would be to share this huge sum of money with the less fortunate by stating a trust for the elderly and the refugees from Syria.

Then, I will save some of the remaining money and open a book and board games tea parlor to signify my love and absolute adoration for tea, cookies, and chocolate. With all these ticked off, the next thing to do would be to go off and produce the next Disney movie and buy an animation studio to belt out amazing animated features for everyone. Buying a Van Gogh painting would also be a top priority.

I will probably play some slot games as well and see if I can make more money. If you are wondering how to get started with casino, don’t worry, it’s simple.  

The other things I would like to do would be to go on a world trip and stay in each of the castles around the world, fund all the wildlife projects so that they can go to the dense forests and save the dumb animals which need someone to fight for them. Adventure sports have always had a soft corner in my heart and being an adrenaline junkie the next thing on my list will be to try out all the adventure sports that I can.

From river rafting, to canoeing and bungee jumping, doing this will be my adventure of a lifetime. I would like a cottage in the mountains surrounded by pine trees and with a lake in front of my property. I would also like to direct and produce Shakespeare’s Macbeth for the stage with unique twists added to the plot. When I come to think of it, I, as a human have lots of wishes and each wish makes me feel that I have a very short lifetime to complete my entire list.

However, with the constraints of money being gone, I can still think about fulfilling some of them. As crazy as these dreams might sound, dreams are what make the world go round and human beings achieve the pinnacle of success. The lottery that Sheikh won was just the means for him to fulfil the dream he had of building a house for his family and giving his daughter a proper education. Langston Hughes clearly meant it when he said that without dreams, life would just be a broken winged bird that could not fly.

What are the things that you would like to do if you won so much money? Let us know.

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