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Why Married Women Are So Addicted to TV Serials?

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A women, after she’s married, finds her happiness only in TV serials. If a child asks his or her mother for dinner, the answer he or she gets back is “five more minutes.” When a women’s husband tries to switch the channel, she burns out with rage. When someone disturbs her while she is engaged in the depth of her favorite serial, she yells. Why are women so prone to watching TV serials?

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When a lady is unmarried, she is piled up with plenty of daily chores. She has a job to handle with maximum accuracy and perfection. An independent and unmarried lady is free to hang around with friends anytime and anywhere. She can fulfill her leisure pursuits and hobbies. She is not burdened with handling house chores before marriage. A single lady might help her mother in household chores, but she is not asked to manage entirely or run the house. Mostly women focus on their career and pull up their socks only to achieve their desired goals. Most of the unmarried ladies prefer watching movies or shows, rather than TV serials.


If women are so content with their before marriage lives, then why they are compelled to watch television serials the entire day and night? What pleasure they acquire by watching the emotional and dramatic television serials?

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After marriage, a lady is piled up with household chores instead of assignments or office work tasks. Most of the married women leave their respective jobs and decide to manage only the designation of a perfect house maker. Since they sacrifice their jobs for their family’s sake, they are not as engaged in their lives as they were before marriage. A lady is tied with several strong family bonds after marriage. Her husband walks in the house, late at night, while her child or children spend most of their time in schools and colleges. In such loneliness, she only finds satisfaction and joy while watching TV serials. A married woman tries to connect her life with those of the characters in the serials. The serials fill up the loneliness in a woman’s life.


So if men feel that their wives are too indulged in TV serials, then grab her out of such addiction. It’s only and only men who can get their wives out of such a situation by filling the emptiness in their lives.


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