Thursday, August 5, 2021

10 Life Goals You Should Achieve In Your 20s

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The 20s are a transition period of our life. Teenage being over, you head towards your ‘real‘ adulthood (*cries a puddle*) soon after you turn 20. You start seeing the world as it is (well, at least you should try to) and learn to prepare for what life has in store for you. Make wise use of these years in order to lead a smoother life ahead, and focus on these goals. 


1. Learn to love yourself, and cater to your own needs. Discover that self-worth. That is one of the real goals.


2. Love the person who you can build with, and stick to them. It’s high time you should let go of those flings.



3. Set your goals. Find ways to work on them, execute them.




4. Learn something new. Be it a language, dance form, computer course- just involve yourself to achieve that goal.



5. Stay healthy. No seriously, take care of your health. Ban that excess alcohol and the extra cigarette, because you might regret it in your 30s. Ban the ‘swag’ goal to achieve the real one.


6. Take a solo trip. Even if it is somewhere near your city, pack your bag and go out.


7. Ditch those fair-weather friends and find out who the real ones are. Chances of getting more than three of them are pretty low so good luck with that.


8. Walk out of everything which brings you or your self-esteem down.


9. Appreciate your family, they are the only ones who would stand by you no matter what.


10. Don’t be naive and meet individuals who can help you with your ambitions.

Above all, strengthen the bonds which matter and don’t be too severe on yourself. Save that for your 30s.


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