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Why Travelling Isn’t For Everyone

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A lot of us have traveled as a child with our family and friends for vacations to distant places. It has been fun for us while we were under our parent’s care and affection, which made sure we were comfortable throughout our journey.  However, as we grow up and travel with our own hard earned money, things may not be as well as they were before. We usually travel on budgets, which may not give us the best of experiences, with people we don’t prefer traveling with, to places which we don’t like. Hence, it’s safe to say that despite being an enjoyable activity, traveling may not be for everyone. It causes adjustment problems, uncomfortable situations and is not always a wanderlust experience.

Why Travelling Isn't For Everyone 1
Travelling may not be for everyone

It’s true that fancy vacation posts on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platform have made us pull out a pen and paper to make a bucket list on many occasions, but what people don’t know is that a lot of planning and budget goes behind these paradise visits. Many times with a certain budget, you cannot afford the luxuries that you often see on social media, which does nothing but dampens your mood. It may also not be the best of experiences because of unexpected things you encounter along the way, which again ruins the mood.

Travelling is always a flawless experience for wanderlusts, who care about nothing but seeing the world with their own eyes and feel high on this feeling. However, traveling may not be as glamorous as it is made out to be.

Following are the reasons why traveling is not for everyone.

  • Travelling will force you to get out of your comfort zone

Why Travelling Isn't For Everyone 2

While it is fun traveling to beautiful places which are often our desktop wallpapers, reaching these places or staying there can be pushing your boundaries. These situations make us step out of our comfort zone and face our fears, not something everyone is willing to do. Fears may not necessarily mean just height or fire; it can even be a certain meal or a road around the mountain. No matter what fear, you will have to face these challenges while traveling anywhere that’s out of your comfort zone. Not every trip is as easy and pleasant as sitting on a bench and watching the sunset. So you should stay back in your bubble if you do not share the same enthusiasm for traveling as wanderlust.

  • Travelling will change you

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If you have recently started loving your new self, I would recommend not traveling as it impacts you in a way that changes your perspective on all things in life. Travelling makes you interact with people from all walks of life whose experiences teach you a lot of things you didn’t know actually existed in the world out there. It can make you change your future life choices or make you regret your previous decisions. If you want to remain comfortable with whom you are as a person and not change for the good or bad, traveling may not be for you.

  • Travelling will be uncomfortable

One of the most uncomfortable things in life can be considered traveling since you make a lot of sacrifices regarding your travel comforts. You have to compromise with hostel rooms for hotels, not so tasty food for continental dishes, hitchhiking or walking instead of taking a taxi and so on. People also encounter problems with adjusting to other people while traveling and sharing commodities. You can consider yourself not an “avid traveler” if you complain about sleeping beneath millions of stars instead of napping away in a fancy hotel room.

  • Travelling will require you to be interested

Why Travelling Isn't For Everyone 4

One of the most important things required for traveling is constant interest in seeing what the world has to offer (not on a silver platter though). You need to be observant of new places, cafes, monuments, sights worth seeing and anything else that can catch your ever buzzing brain. However, maintaining fake interest in traveling due to something or someone will leave you highly exhausted at the end of the day and will make you realize how much time you have wasted trying to get something or impress someone.

It’s okay if you find solace in a hot mug of coffee, reading on a rainy day in a blanket or just hanging out with your friends. Everyone has their interests and dislikes which should be respected.

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