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15 Basic Hair Care Tips For Her

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Jinal Dedhia
A commerce graduate and making my career in finance but An aspiring and passionate writer.

All the beautiful Ladies out there, I don’t have to say how much our hair matters to us. But in a busy lifestyle are you able to take proper care of your hairs?
Are you able to save your hair from outside pollution?
I am going to tell you some very simple, less time consuming, hair care tips which you can do on daily basis and it will definitely help you to make your hairs look more beautiful. So here we go:

  • Nourishment is the basic necessity for hair and oil massage is the best nourishment. Massaging your hair twice a week with luck warm coconut oil.
  • While washing your hair use cold water. Don’t use hot water, it will create hair damage.
  • ‌Don’t tie your hair too tightly, this will break your hairs from the roots. If possible use loose rubber bands or hair clip to tie your hairs.
  • ‌Dilute shampoo in water (take a little amount of shampoo in a cup and add 2-3 tablespoon of water and mix it) and then apply it for washing hair.
  • ‌Crush curry leafs and mix it with water. Washing your hairs with this water will reduce dandruff.
  • ‌Don’t use your nails on your scalp while washing your hair. Gently massage your scalp with fingertips. This will help to reduce hair break down.
  • ‌Wet hairs are the weakest. Do not brush your hairs when its wet. Allow it to get dry naturally and then only brush it.
  • ‌If possible avoid using a hair dryer and hair straightener. Leave it and let your hair get dry naturally. Make sure you know what does hair developer do.
  • ‌Include more if vitamin E enriched food in your regular diet like almonds, spinach, avocado, wheat germ, sweet potato, olive oil etc. It will make your hair strong and grow faster.
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  • ‌For having shiny hair, have cucumber with its skin. It is good for your skin too.
    ‌After washing hair, just gently tap the towel on hairs. Don’t rub the towel over your hairs. It will create more of tangles.
  • ‌While going to sleep, untangle your hair and tie it loose with a smooth rubber band. It will reduce hair breakdown during Sleep.
  • ‌Use conditioner only on the length of your hair till tip and not at all on the scalp. Using conditioner on the scalp will cause dandruff.
  • ‌For Dandruff, boil curry leafs and fenugreek seeds in 2-3 cups of water for 10-15 min, let it get cold, take it in a spray bottle and spray it all over your scalp and massage it little while going to sleep. Wash it in morning.
    15 Basic Hair Care Tips For Her 2
  • ‌If you have colored hair then cover it when its exposed to sunlight. This will help your hair to retain color for the longest time.
  • ‌A good sleep is as much important for hairs a proper diet for health. Take at least 6-7 hours sleep

These are some regular hair care, less time-consuming hair tips which are super helpful.

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A commerce graduate and making my career in finance but An aspiring and passionate writer.

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