ZIKA Virus- Yet Another Bullet Triggered Towards Humanity

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ZIKA Virus- Yet Another Bullet Triggered Towards Humanity 1

While watching series like ‘Walking Dead’ we probably feel a chilling spine at the thought of facing such deadly plague in real starts spreading inside our minds. Even though I started this article on a fancy note, borne viruses like Dengue and Chikunguniya does instill real fear in us.
ZIKA joins the race of those Mosquito Borne viruses.

Despite the size and life time of Mosquitoes, it is the most dangerous insects in the world that caused large number of deaths in human history.

World Health Organization pressing their danger alarms, scientists and biologists delved into the researches regarding ZIKA in a possible hope to find a remedy or counter mutation for this explosively spreading pandemic.

Here are the information we all need to be aware of ZIKA.

  • What is Zika?

Zika is a fliva virus in the list of Yellow fever, West Nile, Chikunguniya and Dengue. Zika virus spreads through mosquito bites (those which bitten the virus affected person).

  • What are the symptoms?

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Unlike other borne viruses, Zika doesn’t explicitly shows deadly symptoms, but common side affects that being observed from the affected patients are fever, rashes, joint pains and Pink eye problem.



  • What are the effects and who are all being affected?


Zika virus causes neurological disorder, especially in pregnant ladies. The babies were observed to be born with reduced head sizes (a disorder called ‘Micrcephaly’).

  • Which part of the World, Zika is prominent as of Date?

South America is the majorly affected country following which 24 countries encountered Zika affected patients, including India. As the disease is ferociously spreading through mosquito bites, people who visits virus affected places are probably getting affected by Zika. Brazil was the first country to have encountered ZIKA.

  • zik-world-map_active_01-26-2016_web_2How is Zika spreading?

As of date, the virus spreads through blood transfusion.

Having sexual contact with a person who is Zika affected is also proved to be a reason.

Researches are being undertaken in a perspective to check whether the infants are being affected through breastfeeding by mothers who are Zika affected.

  • How To Prevent and Treat Zika?

Avoid travelling to Zika prone areas as listed by CDC (Centre for Disease Control and      Prevention).

Stay inside houses if your respected areas/ countries are affected by Zika.

Apply mosquito repellents all over the body, wear fully covered apparels.

Consult doctors for medication if you are suffering the symptoms listed by CDC.

  • Treatment
    Presently there is no vaccine or treatment methods have been discovered to treat Zika.
    As the disease does not cause death or severe health issues that needs hospitalization, the risk priority level is flagged just below Red line.
  • 160128090411-02-zika-virus-0128-exlarge-169Measures Taken By World Organizations

WHO calls for emergency meeting next week after the rapid act by CDC, PAHO (Pan American Health Organization).
As there are no vaccines to prevent virus, steps are being taken to control mosquito breeding in aggressive manners.
Blood donors at Zika affected areas are being requested not to give blood for a month or two until the virus gets under control.
Spread awareness and take preventive measures. For further information visit CDC website.


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