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10 Abraham Lincoln Failures to Learn From

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We all know Abraham Lincoln is one of the greatest presidents of the United States of America. However, not many people know about Abraham Lincoln failures.

If you go through his biography, you will find he had failed multiple times to achieve success just once.

Well, Abraham Lincoln was not only a great president but an inspiration too. Abraham Lincoln failures will always work as a motivation for anyone that is struggling.

Let’s look at ten things you can learn from Abraham Lincoln failures.

10 Values to Learn From Abraham Lincoln failures

Abraham Lincoln failures are seriously nerve-wracking up to the extent that one might not believe how one man managed to go through all this hardship and still find the road to success.

Here are the 10 values you can learn from Abraham Lincoln failures.

1. Never Give up

Before becoming the country’s president, Abraham Lincoln faced many failures. He lost the state legislature election, senate elections, and other six elections before becoming president of the United States of America.

Even after eight defeats in elections, he didn’t lose hope and self-esteem. If anything, he learned from his failures. That is why the lesson is never to give up.

Abraham Lincoln Failures
2. Admit Your Defeat

If you have lost something, accept it instead of rumbling with the thoughts of what has already been done.

Abraham Lincoln failures were significant, and he accepted each one of them as a part of life, not as a bit of bad luck.

Abraham Lincoln also faced a nervous breakdown like any other man, but he knew that he lost one fight but not his life.

Abraham Lincoln Failures

3. Learn From Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes, and so did Abraham Lincoln. Failures teach us what mistakes we made now so that we don’t make it tomorrow.

It’s a bitter truth that you will make mistakes, but making mistakes is not at all a bad thing if you are a learner. Being ignorant doesn’t make you guilty. It means you are not aware of the things that you should know.

Abraham Lincoln failures

4. Keep Smiling

What makes Abraham Lincoln an inspiration to people is even after he lost in elections, he never stopped smiling.

He was the man who shined brightly, even in the darkest clouds. He persevered after defeat and turned his despair into success.

Happiness is the key to facing even the worst situation. You need to stay happy with what you do have instead of worrying about what you don’t.

Abraham Lincoln Failures

5. Don’t Lose Your Heart

Whenever you face failure, it impacts you in two ways – mentally and emotionally. Especially, the loss of someone that you have a personal connection with.

Abraham Lincoln lost his beloved amidst a business failure and a lost election. He was a man who was facing a downside in both his career and personal life with such a massive impact. He felt the grief but didn’t lose the hope in his heart.

When it comes to facing failures, you need to your mind and your heart too.

Abraham Lincoln Failures

6. Stay Focused

Never lose sight of your goals and learn to run at your own pace. You don’t need to measure how much time you take to reach your goal, but whether you manage to reach it at all.

At each failure, we feel like we wasted a lot of time for nothing. Abraham Lincoln failures were different because he made them different. Each failure taught him something that made him more focused on his goals than on failures.

Abraham Lincoln failures

7. Don’t put Limits

Abraham Lincoln belonged to a middle-class family and was deprived of many necessities while growing up. He started his career as a soldier and ended up becoming one of the greatest presidents of America.

He didn’t put any limit on his goals because dreams never stop coming into your head. However, he found happiness in every little thing that he had.

When it comes to inspiration, don’t match what others have done to what you can do. Just focus on the skills you want to develop. You will come up with the solution on your own.

Abraham Lincoln Failures

8. Accept Your Flaws

We are not perfect because we are human. However, many people confuse their flaws as their failures. You don’t need to feel pity for yourself if you are not good at something because there is always time for you to change.

You need to love even the worst thing about yourself to get better. Self-hatred does not solve anything, so you should focus on accepting your flaws and moving on. If Abraham Lincoln had stopped after one failure, he would never have become president.

Try to remain calm even in the situation you are not good in because if you are not good today that doesn’t mean you will not be good at that thing tomorrow.

Abraham Lincoln Failures


9. Failure is Inevitable

If you are reaching out for a massive chance, then you need to understand that you won’t just get it in one try. No one in human history was able to achieve all the successes of their life in one shot.

You will continue to reach out to a bigger picture. When Abraham Lincoln finally got elected as a legislature, he forwarded his goal to become the president of the United States of America.

Life is not easy, and it is not going to be easy. The sooner you understand, the better it will be for your life.

Abraham Lincoln Failures


10. Be Patient

Patience is the key to success, and Abraham Lincoln is a prime example of it.

You cannot lose your patience while facing challenges. Hard times will always be there. The difference is that a successful person looks past the hard times and focuses on the future.

You have to be wise with what you think and what you say. Every step in your career needs patience, and you need to be well aware that patience doesn’t have any timeline.

Abraham Lincoln Failures


Abraham Lincoln Failures

You may not be playing with favourable odds in your life, but that doesn’t mean you cannot achieve anything. Abraham Lincoln failures are enlightening for all those who think they can’t achieve success just because they don’t have the resources that others had from birth.

Abraham Lincoln failures were great, but his perseverance was greater, and his dedication was the greatest.

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