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10 Amazing Reasons Why I Like Shopping

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As a student overloaded with exams and assignments, shopping is one of my favorite activities to do on the weekend. It’s fun, I find something that makes me feel good, plus I lose calories. The feeling of browsing through racks of clothes, trying something on, finding the perfect fit, and coming home with a brand new item for my closet is genuinely therapeutic. Here are 10 amazing reasons why I like shopping:

10 Amazing Reasons Why I Like Shopping 1
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1.Uplifts My Mood

As stated by a study by the Journal Psychology and Marketing, retail therapy has been known to uplift a bad mood. When we shop, our bodies release endorphins, which gives a feeling of happiness and satisfaction. While shopping may not be a permanent solution to my problems, it does help me in forgetting about my troubles for a while. And in the hustle & bustle of today’s world, it’s important to let my mind take a peaceful vacation sometimes.

2.Makes Me Feel Confident

Shopping helps me make choices about the way I want to look- the clothes, shoes, and makeup I want to put on. I like shopping because it helps me decide how I want others to see me. When I feel like life has thrown me a curveball, I like to create a new look for myself, so that I can take on any obstacle with confidence. If I want, I can buy a completely new wardrobe and change my outlook on life. It helps me feel more positive, which is why I like shopping so much. When I find the perfect combination of a pantsuit and a red lip, I believe that I can do anything I set my mind.

3. Helps Me Spend Quality Time with People I Love

One of the prime reasons why I like shopping is because it helps me spend time with loved ones. I know I am not the only one who struggles to find quality time to spend with friends or family. I bet you can relate. Everyone has different schedules, and we don’t always see the free time to have conversations with the people we love.

But spending a chill day with my mom or a friend shopping at the mall (even window shopping) while agreeing on fashion choices and trying on clothes for fun, can be a great way to bond.


4. Boosts My Creativity

When I shop for clothes, I try envisioning what combinations of clothes can form an outfit, and how it will look on me. For instance, I buy a pair of high waisted denim jeans, keeping in mind how it will look with the basic yellow tee in my closet. It’s why I like shopping so much-it lets me experiment and create new looks. And not to mention, the fast calculations I have to do in my mind deducting discount percentages, have given my mental math abilities a boost.

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5. Shopping Is a Workout Session.

It’s not something you hear often, but it’s true. Shopping is a great way to burn calories. Even if a two-hour window shopping session may not feel productive, it does give your body some exercise.

Think about it- you are walking, using stairs, running (okay, only if there’s a great sale) and stretching muscles in your arms and legs. While it may not be better than an actual workout, it’s better than staying at home, doing nothing! Through shopping, I get to escape working out, and that’s why I like shopping all the more.

6. Helps Me Take Charge

When I shop, no one is controlling me or telling me what to do (except my wallet, of course). If I am at a position in life where I feel helpless, shopping makes me feel like there are aspects of my life, I can still control. When I try on that cute denim jacket, I feel good in my skin. Sure, it’s not a permanent solution, but it does lift my spirits, and sometimes that’s all I need.

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7.I Can Dress for Success

It’s a big reason why I like shopping- it helps me dress for success. When I buy something that looks good on me, it lends to my confidence and makes me feel like I can conquer the world. It reminds me of all the good things I can still look forward. When I buy a perfect blazer for a day at the office, I feel more powerful. But in today’s world of model looks and curation on social media, I remember to keep a mantra in mind when I shop for clothes- to be myself.

8.Reminds Me of Who I Am

Due to busy schedules, many of us are guilty of not giving enough time to ourselves. While shopping, I think about my own choices and interests, forcing me to think about myself. I look for things that bring out my personality. If you’re not fond of shopping, try thinking about your style and what you would enjoy wearing. It can be a rewarding process.

9.Gives Me the Satisfaction of Adding Something New in My Life

Sometimes, things get dull. I get tired of the same old things in my life. By buying something new, even if it is as small as a scrunchie, I feel excited to make a new addition to my life. I get to add an exciting new element to my life, which is why I like shopping so much. However, too much of anything is wrong. It’s vital to ensure that shopping remains a hobby, not an addiction.

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10.I Can Reward Myself After Working Hard.

I believe rewards enhance productivity. While working, I push myself to work harder so that I can reward myself later. A great way to do that is through shopping, which is why I like shopping so much. So when I shop, I give myself an extra reward by splurging on something I love. In that way, I also feel like I earned what I’m buying. It’s like how Donna said in Parks and Recreation (2009-2015), “Treat yo self!”

There are many reasons why I like shopping so much. It makes me get off a screen and go out. Overall, it’s a fun activity that helps me feel refreshed. However, it’s essential not to let it become an addiction. If shopping is straining your finances, it’s best to stop and wait until you can afford it. Also, shopping may be therapeutic, but it’s not a replacement for actual therapy. It can be a coping mechanism, but if you’re experiencing prolonged sadness or depression, make sure that you seek professional help.

It’s also essential to understand the repercussions of shopping from fast fashion brands. While these brands are appealing, they’re causing permanent damage to the world. Fast fashion adds to air and water pollution and exploits factory workers. It also generates large amounts of textile waste.

When you shop from big brands, make sure you recycle your clothes- you can think of creative ways to reuse them. You can also choose sustainable brands and organic fibers, or buy from a local business. Shopping is fun, but it’s imperative to shop healthy.

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