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10 Awesome DIY Birthday Gifts Ideas 

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Sending a bouquet to wish someone a happy birthday is so monotonous. Check out these awesome DIY birthday gifts ideas to spice up the party! 

“Birthday” is the most auspicious day in everyone’s lives. It is the time which is full of excitement, amusement, and laughter, because why not? It is often essential to send a heartfelt birthday present to people we love, and what better present it can be than a self-made gift?

Now, if you find it challenging to find the right idea to create the perfect and unique handmade birthday present, take a look at these ideas for awesome DIY birthday gifts for inspiration.

1. Mini Scrapbook

Here is an interesting idea to craft a scrapbook full of memories with you; the memories could be in the form of pictures or elaborating on an incident special for them or you both. 

All you need is a bunch of plain colored sheets. Paste the printouts of the memories or write the events of your memory creatively on the sheets. Bind all the sheets using a ribbon or a thread and decorate however you like using colored pens, stickers, and other things. You can even use any of your favorite craft projects technique to accessorize and decorate your awesome DIY birthday gifts. 

mini scrapbook under awesome DIY birthday gifts

Source: Pexels

I would love to give it a vintage look, and you can customize it with your imagination and creativity; enjoy crafting! 

2. Pastry Squishy

If the man of the hour has a sweet tooth, then this DIY is just perfect for you. You can try making a squishy out of a dessert, and it will make him or her drool like anything.

For this DIY, you will need a normal sponge, and you can even use makeup sponges. Cut three pieces of the sponges of the same triangular shape, looking like a piece of cake. Paint these pieces with your favorite acrylic paint colors and let them dry. Then paste these three pieces one over the other using hot glue or fabric glue. Add some toppings on the top, and your cake squishy is ready!

3. DIY Scented Candle

Getting scented candles as a gift is something anyone would adore. So here’s how you can make one homemade scented candle by yourself without spending a lot of money. 

You can use any wax, preferably soy wax, as they burn cleaner with minimum soot release. Melt the wax and add essential oils to it; I would go for spearmint flavored oil; it helps relax the respiratory and nervous system. Fix a long wick in a mason jar, pour the mixture of wax and essential oil in the jar and let it set.

scented candle diy
Anna Shvets

Decorate the lid with some crafts, and your awesome DIY birthday gifts are ready. 

4. DIY Personalized Picture/Polaroid Magnets 

This idea for awesome DIY birthday gifts is one of the easiest DIY gifts. Everyone loves fridge magnets, so why not make personalized picture magnets? The person will always remember you for your outstanding creative gifts. 

diy picture magnets
Squared. one

Here’s how you can make one by yourself. 

Take a printout of a picture or a polaroid of you two or the birthday person, outline the shape of the picture on the cardboard, and cut the cardboard of that shape. Paste the picture on the cardboard and wrap tight a transparent sheet cover around the front and back of the picture. Paste the magnetic strip on the back of the item and another awesome DIY birthday gifts is ready.

polaroid fridge magnet diy
Adrien Olichon

5. Starry Night Luminaries

If you are running out of time and ideas and planning something extraordinary for your special someone, then this DIY idea is for you.

All you need is any glass jar or bottle, glue/hair spray, glitter and moonlights, candle, or even wax would work. 

Just spray the inside of the jar with hair spray or put some glue inside the bottle/jar, add in glitter, put the lid on, shake it around to cover the jar with glitter, take the rest of the glitter off and let it dry. Finally, add in a pack of Moon Lights; if not available, you can put in small wax gave inside it. Decorate the jar lid with colorful ribbons, and you’re done.

This present is just awesome for a person who loves sparkles, luminaries, and the twinkling stars.

6. Memory Jar

Capture those little special moments to cherish them in the future as memories; thus, one good option is a bucket full of memories.

memory jar awesome diy birthday gifts
Kelly Sikkema

Here’s a simple way to make this recollection of souvenirs. Take a glass jar, paint it from outside, decorate it with stickers or other craft materials; decorate it in any way you like. Write the moments, the incidents on a slip of paper, roll the strips, and put them in the jar. Collect as many as you can in the jar, and your jar full of memories is ready to be cherished.

7. Basic Hamper 

This DIY is perfect for the foodies around. All you need for this is a basic mug, or you can use a jar, a basket, or any handy container put in all the items they love having, be it chocolates, wafers, biscuits, or any snack. Wrap it using a small net cloth, tie it with a ribbon. Your DIY hamper of their favorite snacks is ready to be presented as a present.

diy gift hamper
Chocolate box hamper
Food Photographer | Jennifer Pallian

8. Glitter Mugs

What do you think of a coffee mug dipped in sparkles? I am sure the birthday person will love to start their glam morning with glittery mugs.

All you need to do is apply some hot glue on the lower side of the mug and sprinkle glitter on it. Let it dry for a while, then spray some transparent spray and let that set. Subsequently, your glitter mug is ready to be presented.  

9. DIY Pullout Photo Box

You can use any small box you have at your place. Draw the shape of the box on a sheet with neglecting around 2cm border after the shape of the box. Trace 5-7 similar shapes vertically adjacent on the same sheet as one column. Cut one column from the sheet as traced and fold on the tracing row-wise. This will form a zig-zag kind of strip.

Take the printout of the pictures of the special person or your memories with them and cut them out as the shape of one box on the strip; paste the pictures on each fold except the bottom of the strip.

Also, before pasting the picture on the top, take a 3 cm long thread/ribbon and paste it between the picture and the sheet to pull the strip out at the end. Eventually, paste the bottom of the strip inside the box and press the strip inside a zig-zag manner. Finally, decorate the box however you like, and you are done. One of the cutest and awesome DIY gifts, the pull-out photo box is all set to be gifted.

10. DIY Jar Plant

This is one of the awesome DIY gifts which you can present to a nature lover. For this, all you need is any glass or plastic plain jar, bottle, or bowl.

You can decorate the bottle in many ways, and you can stick tile pieces on the outside to give it a rough mosaic look. Similarly, you can paste some colored paper pieces to present it artistically, or you can try to paint the jar. At last, you have to put a plant inside the decorated bottle, jar, or bowl. This plant will do the rest of the work to keep your friend happy.

DIY Candles

When a present is handmade, it carries a special meaning, and it shows your emotions towards that person; it shows how valuable that person is for you. Do let us know if you like any of the ideas for awesome DIY Birthday gifts ideas mentioned above. 



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