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5 Exercises One Must Do Early in the Morning

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A fit and healthy body revives the enthusiasm and mood in our lives. We might not be comfortable with regular, hard-hitting workouts, especially if you’re a beginner. But there are a few exercises that we must do first thing when we wake up in the morning to boost our energy and perform actively the entire day.

Here are five workouts to conduct before you begin your regular activities of the day:


  • Wide and narrow squats- imagesIn this exercise, one has to stretch his legs as wide as possible and bend to the maximum lowest position as the body would support. Then join both your legs and bend them together. Repeat both wide and narrow squats ten times with each leg. It may result in muscular cramps at the initial stage, but regular workout will enable you to get rid of daily cramps. This exercise works on the lower body abs and reduces the excess body fat from thighs and bums.
  • Push-ups- Push-up is an exercise to strengthen and mould your arms and upper body abs. In this exercise, one has to support the weight of his body by his arms and toes while he lies on the ground and pushes his body up and down by bending and moving his arms. One must do a minimum of 10 push-ups a day. Beginners can use their knees to support their body weight instead of toes.
  • Lunge and twist- download (1)For this exercise one requires a 1 kg dumble. In this exercise, one has to move one leg forward and bend and stretch the other leg backwards. After bending one has to rotate his upper body while holding the tumble in his arms. This workout strengthens the lower legs, arms and upper torso. Now repeat the same process by switching to the other leg and make sure you do the same eight times with each leg.
  • Biceps dip-800px-RomanChairBackExtension Biceps dip works on the arms, especially the upper arms. In this exercise, the woman has to support her body weight with arms in reverse position and dip her arms at least for ten times.


  • Plank- Plank is one of the most popular morning workouts. In this workout, the weight of the person is supported by the person’s lower arms and toes while the person bends his arms on the ground and the person has to remain still for at least 35 seconds. It is a total body workout.

So if you want a healthy and perfect body and figure, grab your dumbles early in the morning and start with the workouts.


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