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The Top 10 Awesome Reasons To Love Cats

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Felines are the softest balls of fur with the cutest paws, giving us enough reasons to love cats! Even if cats are not your thing, you have to agree that cats are gorgeous beings. They are the domesticated, softer version of their rather ferocious relatives.

They are soft and cuddly, and they are a natural alarm clock, and the way they stretch after a long nap is so adorable you wish you could kiss them and eat them up (out of love, of course.) There is an infinite number of reasons to love them, but covering them all will take us an eternity. So, here comes the top 10 reasons to love cats!

The Top 10 Reasons to Love Cats: The Cutest Creatures of All Time!

1. Cats are Entertaining and Weirdreasons to love cats

Each cat has a different personality. They can be sweet and calm, or they can be one of the sassiest animals you have ever seen. A cat person will treat their cat like a tiny human. They can do all kinds of weird stuff around the house, keeping you entertained. They will play with the curtains, try to climb on windows, jump around here are and there, they are so fun to watch!

They will knock something off the kitchen counter or try to get on the highest cabinets only to get stuck there; the possibilities are endless! And when you find them stuck in the weirdest of positions, it’s hard not to laugh. Cats are a great source of entertainment, and they are good at keeping our stress at bay with their silly gimmicks, thus giving us more reasons to love cats.

2. Cats are Inexpensive to Take Care ofreasons to love cats

Excluding the trips to the vet, cats are pretty inexpensive to take care of. Their toys are not at all costly; cats can be entertained by normal strings lying around the house! Their food and grooming supplies are not very expensive either, making them a very pocket-friendly pet to have. And being a pocket-friendly pet is more than enough reason to love cats!

They are pretty low maintenance as well. You do not have to take them on a walk twice a day. They can walk themselves, or they can stay indoors entirely, saving you a lot of time which you can spend on other chores!

3. Cats are Serial Chillersreasons to love cats

If cats have mastered anything throughout the ages, it is the art of chilling. If there is something we should learn from cats, it is learning how to chill, giving us an excellent reason to love cats! They can doze off in any position. You would think that they are sitting upright or they are alert of something, but upon closer looks, they could be sleeping!

They are notoriously famous for sleeping in the weirdest positions ever. A lot of cat owners get scared to death when they look at their cat’s odd sleeping position fearing for the worst, only to realize that they are sound asleep. Their weird gimmicks are more reasons to love cats.

You can give them a good belly rub or a massage to help them relax further. Listening to soothing noises and taking a nap with them as you cuddle them are also some of the underrated activities that you can do with your cat. These are even more reasons to love cats!

4. Snuggles and Purrsreasons to love cats

Cat owners will agree, the feeling of a cat snuggling on your lap and purring as you stroke its fur is divine. This is one of the most wonderful reasons to love cats. Cats take some time when it comes to cozying up to their human-parent, but once they do, there is no going back!

Cats let out the softest purrs when we stroke them, showing that they are entirely relaxed around us. They will sleep on our laps, feeling safe and secure. Often cat owners will freeze completely, avoiding any sort of moment, only to let their cats could sleep peacefully. Because if they wake up, we know they will indeed walk away.

Cats will meow at you, and after some time, you will be able to decipher what each of their meows means. Cat people end up looking crazy while having a conversation with their cats, but believe me, it is entirely possible to talk with cats. Who needs humans anymore, when you have a cat to talk to, giving us more reasons to love cats.

5. Cats Don’t Need Bathsreasons to love cats

Unlike dogs, cats don’t need baths. This is because they can clean themselves, and they are splendid at keeping themselves clean. Just follow their litter boxes clean, and you are good to go!

It is not unknown that cats hate water and will do anything to avoid it. So you will not have to spend your time once every few days bathing your cat because they do not need it!

If you bathe them unnecessarily, it might affect the natural oil balance in their fur coats and even put them through shock, so you should avoid bathing them unless it is necessary!

6. Cats Protect your House From Uninvited Guestsreasons to love cats

This is not one of the cute reasons to love cats, but it is a beneficial one, indeed. Cats will keep you house rodent-proof, thus keeping all uninvited guests at bay.

You won’t have to leave poisonous or potentially unsafe traps around your house anymore; cats are here to do all the dirty work for you. All they need in return is love and affection!

Cats are also good at predicting weather changes. We can sense the shift in their behaviors as the weather changes. They can also sense things like shifts in the mood of a specific place or negative energy from a particular area or a specific person. They are cute as well as intelligent, and their behavior will help you keep all sorts of uninvited guests at bay.

7. Cats Can Stay on Their Ownreasons to love cats

Cats are pretty independent creatures; they do not need you always by their side. So you can go to your college or your place of work with the least to worry about your cat all the time. They are good at keeping themselves occupied.

They will chill in the corner of the house without caring about the rest of the world, or they could be entertaining themselves by trying to get into a cardboard box that is too small to accommodate them. These silly buddies are good at keeping themselves safe.

8. Cats are Apartment Friendlyreasons to love cats

Cats do not take up much space. They can comfortably live in small houses and apartments and are travel friendly as well, making it one of the most reasons to love cats! As long as you provide them with loads of love and affection, they will be all right, irrespective of the space available.

When compared to dogs, they do not need as much maintenance and training. All they need is a small litter box in the corner of the house, and that’s it. They are pretty intelligent and independent in terms of such things. Plus, they are not at all noisy. They are known for their weirdly sinister, silent walks.

9. Kittens!reasons to love cats

Kittens are the most adorable balls of fur you could ever see in your lives, making this one of the most important reasons to love them! Whenever you pet your kitty, they throw their little paws in the air. Those cute, tiny paws will melt your heart!

They have the softest meows, and they are eager to own you as their mommy or daddy. Kittens are easily the best children you could ever have.

They are diverse, just like us! They come in various shapes, sizes, fur length, and eye colors. Their diversity is not limited physically; they also have multiple kinds of personalities.

10. Cats Love Us!reasons to love cats

It takes a lot of time for a cat to cozy up to you. If a cat decides that they do not like someone, they will simply go away from them and probably even hiss at them. But once it does, there is no going back, which is one of the important reasons to love cats.

Cats are the sweetest animals ever, and their ways of showing their love and affection are so cute it will melt your heart. They will wake you up every morning, follow you wherever you go, snuggle on your lap whenever they can. They will even bring dead rats to show their affection to you. It is difficult not to love them. There are many reasons to love cats!

Cats are the best pets to own because they are so much like us. They have such unique and diverse personalities just like us. They are nothing but cute, soft, furry beings, which gives us even more reasons to love cats. Hopefully, some of you non-cat lovers changed your minds about these soft furry balls of love and gave them a try!

Over to you!

What are your opinions about a cat; are you a cat person or a dog person? Did you have a cat growing up? Let me know all about it in the comments!

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