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10 Best Stainless Steel License Plate Covers

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According to Statista, Americans bought more than 17 million new cars last year. We also spent a ridiculous amount of money tricking out both old and new vehicles. Americans are expected to spend $70 billion on parts and accessories by 2025.

A relatively inexpensive, yet potentially flashy addition to the tricked out one-of-a-kind car that we all secretly covet, is the lowly license plate cover. No, we’re not talking about license plates, which are moderately more interesting. Did you know:

  • License plates have been made of porcelain enamel, cardboard, leather, and pressed soybeans.
  • Most states use prison inmate labor to make license plates.
  • All 50 states offer vanity plates.l

But any of today’s modern license plates will bend.That’s because, according to How Products are Made, license plates are created from thin aluminum, adhesive sheeting, and paint. That’s where a license plate cover comes into play; without a chrome or plastic license frame, the next time a curb is hit, the license plate will curl up like an armadillo.

But beware: Some states have laws allowing the police to pull a car over if the license plate frame covers the county name or other information on a plate.

Now that we’ve shared more than anyone should ever know about the lowly license plate, let’s review the top products for protecting the investment.

Stainless Steel License Plate Covers

Stainless steel license plate frames provide durability for an aluminum license plate. They also look very nice and can add a real shine and polish to a vehicle. These license plate covers can even help the vehicle stand out at night — in addition to standing out from the crowd. Out of all the accessories a car owner can add, a license plate cover is an easy, low-cost way to pimp a ride.

10 Best Stainless Steel License Plate Covers 1

Here are 10 of the best stainless steel license plate covers:

10 Best Stainless Steel License Plate Covers 2

  1. Amazon has a decent selection of stainless steel license plate covers with prices ranging from around $10.00 and higher.
  2. Auto Anything has the Cruiser Accessories Classic License Plate Frames in stainless steel for $19.95. These are pretty high-end frames; they’re made of three different materials and the high-end cover is stainless steel. It even has a 30-day warranty! Snag another 20% off with this promo code.
  3. Autozone offers the ProElite License Plate Frame for $12.99. The shiny stainless steel frame resists corrosion and is “engineered to show more plate” so the police won’t worry. You can also pick up another 10% off that price with this promo code.
  4. Griot’s Garage offers a slick stainless steel license plate frame ranges from $39.99 to $54.99 depending on how tricked out the buyer wants to go. Looks like the icing on the car cake and the reviewers are pleased.

10 Best Stainless Steel License Plate Covers 35. eBay even has a stainless steel tag or two; as of this writing, a decent quality cover could be found for around $11.00.

6. AutoSport has a Luxury Stainless Steel Plate Frame that has nearly five stars from reviewers. Yes, because there is the word “luxury” buyers should expect to pay more. Prices range as high as $64.00. But they are very nice license plate covers that are meant to finish an exotic and luxurious vehicle perfectly suited to be the next mid-life crisis car.

10 Best Stainless Steel License Plate Covers 4

7. Like Amazon, the AutoAccessories Garage has a number of choices for stainless steel license plate covers. All seem to be durable as well as adding a sleek and stylish appearance to a ride. The average price range is around $20.00 with a number of basic features including the stainless cap to fit over the hardware mounts. This is a good place to shop for a good quality yet less expensive stainless frame.

8. Hit the stainless steel license plate jackpot at the Autobarn; there are more than 30 gorgeously shiny products to choose from. Each one is laser engraved with the type of car the buyer drives; from a Honda Civic to Infinity — and beyond. These frames “will never rust or corrode and will look great for years.” Each one comes with a price tag of $30.00 or so. It’s worth it; every stainless steel license plate frame is also covered with UV resistant resins — these are hardcore frames that will make a car stand out.

9. CARiD has the ultimate customizable stainless steel license plate cover. Although, with the customization they have available, the shopper can completely bling out over their cover. From metal and stainless to carbon fiber, with a finish ranging from chrome to smoke. The price range can go as high as $300.00. These are very high end frames made for the discerning shopper.

10. Weathertech has a pretty hardcore Stainless Frame that is not only gorgeous but is built to last. Like all Weathertech products, this stainless steel frame is super high quality. It even has a spacer gasket to keep the stainless steel cover away from the vehicle to prevent even the slightest possibility of rust. It even has chrome caps to cover the mounting screws. Go here for a promo code to ship this shiny new toy for free.

How Much is that Car in the Driveway?

Let’s face it; Americans have been in love with their vehicles since the first crank engine came out. For better or for worse we spend a lot on the cars in our driveways, in part, because we eat, nap, text, and live, inside it.

For those of us that project a vehicle as a status symbol, it is the smallest of touches and the most minute details that put the cherry on top of this particular obsession. Spending a mint on a new vehicle just wouldn’t be complete without stainless steel license plate covers. Fortunately, they can be just as tricked out as the vehicle itself. From laser etching to colored plating, these small accessories can score the big finishing touch on the pimped out ride in the driveway.  

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