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How Does Physical Activity Help You to Stay Fit?

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Physical activity may not always mean exercise. Any activity that you undertake and is causing you to strain your muscles or bones is a Physical Activity. However, some experts say that physical activity involves nothing but having fun.

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Exercise is basically any physical activity that helps you to stay fit to maintain your physical and mental well being. A simple stroll in your neighborhood park or a dancing a step or two at your home, physical activity helps you to keep your body fit and mind fresh.

It is not exclusive to a particular age group and should be practised by people of all ages to remain healthy and strong. This also helps to keep unwanted diseases at bay and maintain a positive lifestyle.

However, certain people tend to suffer from chronic diseases such as arthritis, etc. In such cases, it is best to consult a doctor before undertaking any physical activity.

Here are 7 activities you could try, without you having to strain your muscles or bones –

1) Cycling

Cycling at a moderate pace helps you to work on your body muscles and at the same time, carry out some sort of a Physical Activity. This ensures that your body remains balanced and your mind, fit.

2) Chores like cleaning Machines, and Mowing Lawns

Carrying out daily chores like cleaning washing machines or mowing lawns serves the dual purpose of fulfilling your house duties as well as your duty towards your body.

3) Brisk Walking

Brisk Walking has proven to do wonders to the Human Body. One of my friends managed to loose all the extra fats around her tummy, just with the help of Brisk Walking. It also helps to increase concentration and keeps the mind fresh.

4) Playing softball

Playing a less strenuous sport like softball helps one to remain fit and flexible. It helps to ease the muscles and at the same time enjoy a sport.

5) Use the stairs

Use the stairs whenever possible. This will help to increase the blood flow and to fight stiffness in the muscles.

6) Small Exercises at home

One can even carry out small exercises at home such as raising of the arms for 10 seconds and then releasing them. This puts a lesser strain on the muscles and you can always control the amount of exercise you want to do.

7) Cooking your meals

Cooking is supposed to be extremely therapeutic. Getting vegetables from the refrigerator also counts as some sort of a Physical Activity, which is extremely beneficial for the body.

Drinking adquate amount of water every day is one such activity which does not require much of your physical strength, but helps to keep your body in proper motion.

Any sort of a Physical Activity helps to keep diseases far far away and you can manage to stay healthier and longer. As you age, your body tends to lose it’s energy and is unable to combat diseases. As per certain statistics, people who undertake some sort of physical activity have 20% lesser chances of premature death.

Diseases such as High blood pressure, stroke, cholesterol, diabetes, are certain well-known diseases that have become extremely common in today’s day and age.

Hence, in order to avoid old age health pressures, manage your health today. Use these  guidelines as a gateway to a healthy and disease-free life.

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