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11 Effective Ways To Find Design Inspiration

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Let me be honest. We all want to know how to get those creative juices flowing on days that seem grim and make us feel completely unmotivated and leave us feeling uninspired, dull, and gloomy. It just feels as if any design inspiration is at a standstill.

But don’t you worry, we’re human, and it’s perfectly alright to have that writer’s block or feel uninspired for your next creative project, it happens—so let’s move on from that dilemma. The real question is, “How to be imaginative, even on my not so inspired days?”

Creativity has left design researchers intrigued for decades. Ester Buchholz, a psychologist, psychoanalyst author of the well-known book called ‘The Call of Solitude,’ stressed for a little alone time to let our minds wander, figure stuff out, and to arrive at creative solutions. Artists and writers such as Bergman and Hemingway have talked in a highly enthusiastic and emotional way about the requirement or this time where you can face your feelings head-on, grapple alone with the emotions and ideas, learn to live with them without being able to neglect them to build something fascinating and original.

Psychologists Long and Averill state in their paper “Solitude: An Exploration of Benefits of Being Alone” that one has to be alone to go through this journey of self-transformation, where one does not go through feelings of self-consciousness and does not feel obligated to play many roles, and has the time and space to concentrate on their feelings and thoughts.

Einstein focused on the importance of long walks where he could listen to what was going on inside his mind. Kafka talks about sitting alone in quiet and letting the world unfurl itself. Picasso notes that in the absence of loneliness, no serious work is ever possible.

Today we are always connected in the virtual world. The world is really at our fingertips. Information is in abundance,d even working alone from home, we are never really alone. We are restless, checking our phones and laptops consistently for the next newsflash and news update, or status updates from our virtual pals. While on one hand, this has assisted the freelancers and folks working from home to maintain a sense of community, but on the other hand, does this in some way dissuade our ability of creative expression?

So let’s look at 11 distinct ways besides solitude to extract continual creativity and get those creative juices flowing into your work, blog, and life, in general. If you’re a musician and are actively looking to find inspiration for your upcoming track, click here.

1. Travel

Travel is undeniably the best source of design inspiration. It familiarizes you with brand new cultures, experiences, and people. It’s no wonder well-known designers such as William utilize it as an origin of design inspiration as well. By employing oneself in an area that’s far from home, you come out of your comfort zone and unlock your vision to brand new prospects in your creative projects.

Traveling in itself won’t augment or improve and uplift creativity. If anything, it will just make you feel exhausted, weary, and overtired and thus, less fruitful. However, traveling correctly will. To push your brain to become powerful at searching connections and to work out problems, it is essential to engulf yourself in the local lifestyle. Don’t just travel to the most touristy locations, instead attempt going to a few regular restaurants and bars or choosing a homestay over a hostel.

Doing discretional, social work is another advantageous way to remain active and courteous in the community and gain a grasp, a comprehension of the local community. An in-depth understanding of various cultures, including the troublesome and controversial elements of them, and the interdependence between human beings can assist in finding inspiration for your work. Being encompassed by new sights, smells, sounds, and plans are all new concepts to inject into your creative work.

Voluntary work has also been proven to minimize the risk of developing age-related health problems such as dementia and Alzheimer’s, divulging real and lasting alterations on the framework of the brain.

Travel is helpful for a lot of things, but probably a neglected advantage is an impact it has on our creativeness. Through employing yourself in a strange and novel environment, you are assisting in strengthening the neurons that wish to make connections, work out difficulties, and welcome new plans. This will feed into your creative projects with your brand-new environment inspiring you. Be sure to discover the area for a higher uplift in your creativity, and you’ll be more likely to encounter that thrilling, fruitful, flow state when you start your next project.

11 Effective Ways To Find Design Inspiration 1
Image Source: Basilica Industria

2. Take a Stroll

Yes, it is true; going on a walk can help you extract design inspiration. Every so often, the most excellent way to get inspired imaginatively is to get out of the workplace and simply take a stroll. This isn’t just speculated or fancied either -a 2014 research study by Stanford University states that walking uplifts creative yield by 60%.

Contemplate how you can begin incorporating mindful walks throughout your day. Push yourself to take frequent stretching and movement breaks, especially on taxing and challenging days.

11 Effective Ways To Find Design Inspiration 2
Image Source: Stanford Daily

3. Visit an Antique Store

Nothing can feed you with design inspiration the way antique shops can. Antique stores accommodate a wealth of exceptional and distinctive items that are sure to boost your imagination. You can explore topics from centuries ag,o complete with primitive illustrations, designs, and typography. Arrive with a project or theme in mind. When you’re unlatched to inspiration for a particular idea, you’ll realize that your account is building all sorts of connections.

11 Effective Ways To Find Design Inspiration 3
Image Source: Discover Walks

4. Network

It is an undeniable fact that the folks you surround yourself with have a definite and profound effect on the person you become. One research study from Gallup states that parents with friends in their work or industry were 700% more likely to be actively involved in their work as compared to their friendless counterparts. That’s why any person aspiring to be a part of the creative industry should work on constructing and fostering a network of encouraging and nurturing people if they want to grow successful.

Don’t have pals in the same industry as yours? Make some. Find social events in your surroundings on Meetup and Dribbble, or perhaps go to (cooler, objectively more fun) creative industry talks such as Creative Mornings and Think&Drink. Also, don’t forget that it’s 2020, and friends don’t necessarily have to hang IRL—Slack industry groups are excellent ways to form connections and network from the comfort of your couch. So, go ahead and socialize as it may assist you in pulling some design inspiration.

Tactics to spark the imagination. 

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Image Source: Battery Ventures

5. Motiongrapher

Motionographer (pronounced as “oceanographer”) inspires motion designers by exhibiting the work of established and amateur motion designers, showcasing helpful articles on design, and featuring commentary on creative industry topics. Even if you’re not a motion designer, make the best use of resources such as Motionographer to manifest you what various designers are working on. This can help you in drawing out design inspiration. Inspiring creative work is an inspiring original work; after all,—the medium isn’t what’s most essential.

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Image Source: Motiongrapher

How has the Covid-19 Pandemic inspired Art? 

6. Pinterest

My personal favorite for every time I feel uninspired, and I am looking for design inspiration. The inspiration that Pinterest can provide you with is limitless. It is a regular source of inspiration for a lot of designers, especially during the research tenure of a project where you can look for incredibly notable illustration, design, outfit inspiration, photoshoots, etc. It can be a rabbit hole.

Pinterest is an entirely free social media platform that permits users to curate images and videos onto digital Pinterest boards. This makes it an outstanding source of design inspiration you can utilize for your upcoming project. It’s also a lovely way to construct a mood board.
Build Pinterest into your research phase. Explore key words and plans from your project and see what the universe brings to you.

Check out Puja Kamath’s latest jewelry collection for some additional inspiration!

11 Effective Ways To Find Design Inspiration 6
Image Source: Pinterest

7. Instagram

Instagram is a given attempt to follow more and more content creators who are doing various things unrelated to your field of work, to diversify your taste. Also, try to look for IG handles that post important work from distinct decades. It’s always better to extract influence from something that’s not presently trending. The possibilities for the sorts of design inspiration that can be found on Instagram are endless.

Instagram isn’t just for sharing pictures of your breakfast from Starbucks or that cocktail you had the other night. It’s also an excellent source for design inspiration. You can create your own Instagram handle and start saving pictures and videos you admire to private collections, or you can simply follow your favorite content creators for inspiration. Don’t just follow designers—follow authors, meme accounts, bakers, and anyone else who’s continually renovating with their work. Pull inspiration not only for your upcoming project but for your work in its entirety—for who you want to become as a content creator and what you wish to be working on.

Is it possible to remain creative without social media? 

11 Effective Ways To Find Design Inspiration 7
Design Inspiration

8. National Geographic

Don’t be astonished, because it’s true- even national geographic can help you get those creative juices flowing and extract design inspiration. Art is everywhere. National Geographic: Whether you go through new or old issues, National Geographic is full of gorgeous and breathtaking nature photos and stories. There’s plenty of content on their website that you can draw inspiration from.

9. Local Artisans

Local Artisans Guilds and Craft Fairs: Many areas have either an artisan’s association where you can have a look at crafts from local artisans or conduct annual craft fairs (often related to the holiday season, although some of them do them in the summer). These can be an excellent place to find inspiration.

Capturing photos can be one excellent way to store whatever it is that inspires you, but make sure you ask for permission before shooting pics of anyone else’s creative work (crafters get very possessive of the work they create and rightfully so). This is perhaps the most convenient yet most excellent way to find design inspiration. If you’re looking for design inspiration for your business stores, click here. 

Websites that help Local Artisans exhibit their work.

11 Effective Ways To Find Design Inspiration 8
Image Source: Indian Express – Design Inspiration

10. Craft & Make

Craft and Make: Craft and Make Magazines are both fantastic sources for finding handcrafted things. They’re both full of tutorials and instances. Art tends to lean a little more toward traditional works of creation (with a twist) while Make is a bit more technical and scientific-focused.

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11. Movies

Title sequences in television series and movies are the most apparent sources to look for design inspiration. Still, set and costume design can also be instrumental in finding answers to design troubles. Historical films often have bewitching settings and costumes, and so do science fiction and fantasy. Contemporary films can also have a wealth of creative design inspirations.

Pay heed to the visual aspects of the next movie or television series you watch and try to think of manners in which they could be useful and imaginatively applied to your design projects.

Design Inspiration
Image Source: Clayton Davis – Design Inspiration

However, art is everywhere, and there are several other ways to find design inspiration, so don’t limit yourself because there’s an entire world waiting to be explored out there!

You should also listen to different professional designers talk about their experiences of extracting design inspiration! 

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